WidmoVR and Samsung Odyssey Plus...

Just an FYI - I received an e-mail from Pawel at WidmoVR regarding the Odyssey Plus lenses. These guys did a great job on my Rift lenses, so I queried them about whether their Odyssey lenses would fit the Odyssey Plus:

“We are in the process of importing the Odyssey+. Unfortunately Samsung didn’t released it in Europe so it will take us few days until we receive it. After some research we are fairly certain that the regular Odyssey adapters will be fitting fine, but we need to be 100% sure. We will add this information on the product page, as soon as we receive the headset.”

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Didn’t know these were a thing, sweet!

Just ordered a set of their Plano (thanks, Laser Eye Surgery!) lenses with Blue light protection for my Legacy Odyssey. Figured the BLP and general protection of the stock lenses is worth it.

If work ever has you up around KPHL (god help you if you need to deal with that airport), Happy to partner on a O vs. O+ flightsim oriented review, and fiddle with the Widmo lenses :slight_smile:

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