Wifi solution?

So I’m between homes for 3 weeks shortly and will not be able to wire my computer for internet, so I’ll need a wifi solution.

I haven’t had time to look into it much but was wondering what people think is the way to go here? Obviously want good enough connection/speed for gaming but I don’t want to spend much as it’s only 3 weeks. The internet speed where I’m staying is fast enough, so it’s really just making sure I’m getting full potential.

I got about 175mbps on a 400mbps line using a cheap WiFi router. I’m pretty sure any decent router will do these days. I think connecting on the 5g band is best.

To compare when I was on a 85mbps line, I was getting 85 up and down over WiFi. I think the limit is probably 200 or so with my router. Needless to say I haven’t had a problem gaming with those speeds. What’s the speed of the line you are using?

Sorry I mean specifically for my computer. My mobile has no built in wifi. PCIe wireless card? Usb wireless? Something else?

I used a usb WiFi adapter

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a while ago I used a wifi usb dongle (not for gaming) on a pay as you contract. works off mobile service. it may or may not be good enough for your needs but worth looking into

Rhino, I would say that it is not about the speeds but strength of the signal where you are staying, I mean usb wireles has the smalest antena, PCIe wireles card has beter and wireles router has the the best antena(s) out of these three.

That said if the signal is strong enough there you could be good with usb wireles. I am using it also from time to time and works OK.

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Thanks for sharing!! You may refer any wifi guide. You might get some wifi solution over there.

175mbps using a cheap wifi router is pretty good one.