Wind Turbine on Fire

A pleasing pattern. Shame about the turbine I guess. :slight_smile:

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it’s so… mesmerizing… Governor must’ve fried, and with it maybe the Voltage Regulator assembly? Definitely looks like it’s overspeeding.

I think it was the flux capacitor.

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That’s what happens in an MU-2 when you don’t feather the prop fast enough…

I would agree, I know a brake unit failure on these things can have this consequence but I suppose that that is part of the governor.

Not so green anymore.

What’s more amazing to me is that there is another one smoldering in the background there. This was multiple failures on multiple wind turbines…

Mooaaarrrr boosters?

Wondered how long it would take before one of the turbine blade went flying off of it. Didn’t travel as far as I expected though.