Windows 10 Poll

As by title I think it’s better to ask it out loud…
Who of you actually has WIn 10 installed on a gaming rig ? <— important difference!

  • I have Windows 10 on my gaming rig and I’m very happy!
  • I have Windows 10 on my gaming rig and I’m averagely happy!
  • I hate Windows 10 on my gaming rig, wish I could go back!
  • Oh sorry I was looking for the canteen- today’s special Penne all’Arrabbiata?

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Do you know who I am?

I could kill windows 10 with a tray.

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JEFF VADER! Can i get an autograph?

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I had it on mine. It was decent after deactivating all the spyware, games ran a little faster than on windows 7. But after some time the software crapped out on itself so hard I reverted to win7.

What software crapped out? Win 10? All by itself?

yeap. Win10 crapped out all on it’s own. Some evening it just wouldn’t let me login anymore. It would load up the background for the login screen but not the actual interface where you put your password… Tried the recover function, didn’t work. Made a win-10 recovery disk and tried to use that, didn’t work. Tried to do a full format and reinstall, didn’t work… Popped in my win7 CD and now all is back to normal.

Mister Stevens?

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Had that happen to me on Sunday after a power flicker. I had to power down the PC and disconnect it from power for a few minutes. Not sure if that was what fixed it for me or not.

Lord Vader of Cheam?


I absolutely love Eddie Izzard. He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he really makes me laugh hard…


So…cake or death?

I’ll take cake please.

Re: Windows 10 - I have it on my primary gaming rig (desktop) and love it. Seems to work just fine. I’ve left Windows 7 on my laptop however, because some older titles like Jane’s Fleet Command I couldn’t get working on Win 7. Last I had heard it had something to do with the lack of Securerom or Safedisc support (?)…I dunno…I didn’t spend a lot of time troubleshooting it…but it did keep me from upgrading my laptop.


OMG the cake or death sketch is an aboslute killer! :laughing:

Also, thanks for the input on Win 10.

I liked his Flags sketch.