Wings Over Flanders Fields (WoFF! WoFF!)

Seriously though, why no news on another extremely good WW1 simulation here on Mudspike?

We all know about ROF, but its WoFF I’m talking about here and its latest development, nobody talks about it here and I’m not sure why?

Its a WW1 career/flight simulation and just reeks of atmosphere when you get into it, the latest release seems to built on the old Sim but adds a tremendous amount too with Track IR too, its crazy how those guys have kept this old simulation its based on going so long.

They should be applauded.


Be the change, @B12! :wink:

I think that the simple reason is that very few on this forum fly WoFF.
For me, it’s simply the lack of VR. I’m hooked on that.
But I agree that the WoFF team has done a fantastic job!


I’ve never heard of it until now, is it on steam?

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This! :grin:

And “be the change you wish to see” was exactly what I was going to say @B12 hehe. What is it and where do I sign up?

Still on the fence for BH and H myself, price is a bit steep and will wait for a sale … maybe, but older releases, quite good for a WW1 career mode, reeks of atmosphere if that is your thing and can get into virtual career progression.

Give it a go

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I own an earlier version of WOFF, but it left me cold. Sound, graphics and flight modelling were all a generation or two out of date.


I watched a couple of videos this morning of gameplay and had a similar view of the graphics. Not terrible by any stretch but not great either (although that could of been compression on the vids)
Looked a little bit dated on the flying but I’m sure with a decent campaign and some atmosphere like @B12 mentioned it could be pretty fun.

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I read about that one a long time ago and it dropped off of my radar. I need to take a look. Thanks for the reminder @B12! :salute:


My squad and I are having a bit of a rebellion against the direction 777 is taking —that other WW1 game—. One of them downloaded the latest version of WOFF and streamed an hour or so on Discord. Honestly, I passed. But I do like the fluid front.

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Yep, know the graphics are not state of the art, but I sometimes play classic old games too like Ultima Underworld and those graphics back then were truly horrible, but every year or so, play that game again out of nostalgia, the game-play design for that one was sheer class, deep and involving, after a while you don’t notice the … by today’s standards poorer graphics because you are hooked, its like reading one of the best books in your entire live and being a part of it.

And I suppose that’s why I’ve always loved a truly dynamic campaign in a flight simulation too as opposed to scripted ones, heard some folk say it cant be done any-more, but Falcon 4.0 with bugs and patched was convincing enough for me. It most certainly can be done.

We have the most awesome graphics in all Flight sims now, but are they really any better than good old ones? with better gameplay?

I have played ROF to the hilt, know it inside out and got my moneys worth, fair play to IL2 Flying Circus vol 2, the world is a better place with the sim than without, only give it fleeting glimpses these days though, its no where near complete IMHO … but honestly, fair play to those that love it, have pre purchased FC2 and the future looks good for it, nobody can say I am not supporting that genre.

But for a true Career and perhaps different type of WW1 sim, and if you can forgive its old graphic engine, WOFF is in a different league completely … I think the flight models in WOFF are awesome too, are they better than ROF, are they better than FC1 and 2? who really knows?

All Flight sims do approximations of flight models, they all feel about right, all need tweaking, sometimes we all need to let things slide a little in order to have fun.

WOFF is a very mature sim now on an old engine, it has the best of yesterdays in depth career and campaign mode and if you can forgive an older graphic engine and lack of multi-play … and IL2 FC1 VR, their servers never really got busy that way did they, but oh boy WOFF is still a major WW1 simulation contender and well worth looking at still without all that glitter.

If there is one thing I really can complain about with WOFF and this extends to WOTR too from same company, its the control set up screen, it takes a bit of getting knowing as did ROF … its a nightmare, but so too is MS FS2020 LOL, WW1 Aircraft are not the hardest to set up on today’s sticks though.

I say give WOFF a look, persevere through its not so modern graphic engine, you may well be rewarded with one of the better career flight sim experiences you ever had.

In WOFF I like to choose a pilot, start as a rookie and progress, its almost like an RPG in that respect, develop a career, move up the ladder, gain a reputation, progress through the war …and it was a brutal war with fragile machinery, something WOFF does well too, if you get killed, so does your virtual career and you can start again if you want, no other sim does it like that for me.

WOFF reeks of atmosphere once you get into it, it really does :a6:


Very good point.
I sometimes look at youtube videos of sims I enjoyed in the past. And more often than not I am surprised at how I could enjoy these old sims, with 640x480 resolutions and less, with gouraud shaded polygons, but I did. I absolutely did. Perhaps part of the answer is that it was the best graphics we had, back then, but it’s also about gameplay. Developers invested more into the story, back then.
So, to answer your question, I’d go with no. New sims aren’t necessarily better, as I honestly can’t say that I get more entertainment value out of Flying Circus, than I did from Red Baron 3D, for instance, or Knights of the Sky.

Today I am prepared to throw away a lot of eye candy to be able to enjoy a fluid VR experience as I feel that the immersion of VR is more important than good looking graphics.

But, we all put a different value on our experiences. For some, graphics is more important than for others.

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I think the world would be served by a nice article about WOFF, its history and its continued relevance. Much like the post above but bigger…with pictures.


Awesome post sir, very well said.
das supertalent award GIF by The Human Tackboard


Same. I. Just. Can’t. Go. Back.

A weakness?


No they are not, IMO. But, but…I just like the feel of flying something - of being in “the thing”. Might as well try to describe the taste of mint chocolate chip ice cream to an alien. Or something like that. Boils down to personal preference I guess. I’ve said it before; if BMS gets VR I’m likely gone from DCS. But I haven’t started that up in over 3 years. FS2020 is likely prettier but it doesn’t ‘move me’. At all.

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A more succinct description than I could muster up. Nice.


The general consensus about WOFF is pretty
right on IMHO. The flight model is fairly dated. You just don’t really get that feeling of aerodynamic flow that more modern sims have (occasionally too much of but still). There’s also a little sense that the inputs in one axis don’t especially affect the other as much as they probably should.

The graphics are also somewhat last gen, though Ankor’s shaders and some hard work by the dev team have done remarkable things with the CFS3 engine.

What the graphics in WOFF seem to capture however is the feeling of being in a WWI oil painting. The clouds are flat, and yet they have those layers of grey that overlap each other rather than looking like cotton balls. You can be flying among the tops and look down into the dreary undercast. The fields are lush where they are supposed to be. Muddy holes where you’d expect.

The AI is worth a special mention. While not perfect, it can be very good. Novices, or pilots that have been damaged will bug. Planes are flown largely to their strengths and you will even see a pilot spin to his death on occasion. The strategic AI is a little more rote, but you do HAVE a strategic AI. There are other flights about their business ala PCWG and you definitely feel that you are in a much bigger war.

The real beauty of the sim is that it is very much a labor of love. The aircraft liveries are well researched and pretty doggone accurate. Aces will fly with their squadrons during the dates and on the fronts which they were active. Battles will occur on their historic dates and you will see the fronts take a pounding where appropriate. From what I understand, even the weather is accurate on any given day of the war.

Having come into WOFF from ROF, it was a bit of an adjustment taking a step back in certain respects with the sim.

But I got hooked in short order. Back during the Centennial I flew three campaigns, one each for the Brits, the Germans, and the French (Lafayette Esc) advancing the campaigns to match the 100 year date of the war.

One of the most immersive and meaningful experiences I’ve had in a couple of decades of simming.

Definitely worth a try.


This my post reference WOFF taken from another simulation site most of probably frequented at some point. This is exactly 1 year old today:

I think I might have seen mention of WOFF a long time ago, but I was busy with other flight sims. For whatever reason this month I got the itch for some open air and canvas dogfighting. I own ROF and have enjoyed it for the visuals, but as many noted the AI leaves something to be desired, and the “campaign” and “career” system have quotes around them for a reason. After watching some youtube videos of dogfights in WOFF actually taking place at altitude I was was certainly interested. I decided to take the full plunge at get the PE, as I’ve payed more for games that were a hot mess. If nothing else this would be a fun diversion. I was little apprehensive about how the visuals would be, but I routinely place legacy games, so I was pretty sure I’d be fine.

Overall I am very impressed. The AI is excellent, there is an actual living world going on, the visuals are solid, and the immersion is excellent. Honestly if I didn’t know it was running on a 10+ year old engine I never would have guessed.

My first mission saw a British fighter sweep over German lines, that resulted in flying head first into a swarm of Albatross at about 12,000 feet in murky rain. I latched onto one, and we began a rolling dogfight, after about two reverses saw him dive hard. I was initially thinking, “ah so the much vaunted AI does the same thing as all the others…” till I realized he was directly over a German airfield, and taking me into a bigger hornets nest of scrambling fighters. I at once choose discretion as the better part of valor and dodge back into the murk, to blunder around till I was over friendly lines and able to make it to a friendly airfield. That was first in over 30 years of combat flight simming, and quite enjoyable.

I look forward to many pleasurable hours in open cockpits!


That is article-worthy! Great content, good pictures!

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Thank you very much. It’s a great sim. I think it was Rock, Paper, Shotgun said it best:

If you want to know what it’s like to fly a WWI aircraft, choose ROF.

If you want to know what it was like to fly an aircraft IN WWI, choose WOFF.

I think that is pretty fair. :slightly_smiling_face:

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