World of Warships- Pensacola: Say Hello to My Little Friend

Only three battles into this one, and I think I’m in love. First kill of the game- shooting at a New Orleans, one-shot a Fubuki that somehow wandered in the path of my shells:

A surprisingly easy victory, and if I hadn’t gotten greedy trying to maximize damage on a Tirpitz, I would’ve survived the whole battle. Still, you can’t complain with these kinds of stats!

Anybody else still playing this? One of my best friends is a first mate on oil tankers, so between times out to sea, we’ll hop on many evening, division up, and go blow things up.


Ah the pepsi-cola! I have the cruiser before it. And a couple of US and IJN carriers. Didn’t play much since release but it should be installed. I’m actually on the US server

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I play WoWS quite a lot, I’m Krautwald on EU server - feel free to add me :sunglasses:

I still play, when I’m home anyways. I spend most of my time in the Pcola, although I have been trying out the Russian cruisers and they’re good fun too.

I just got the Cleveland. I’m a bit bummed it turns so much slower than the Omaha, but I’m absolutely enamored with it’s primary battery.

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I did well enough in the Cleveland, but I didn’t have nearly as much in her as I do in the Mumansk, Phoenix, or German or Japanese cruisers. She’s absolutely amazing though for anti-aircraft cover, provided you’re on a team that plays like a team.