WOWS, It's Free


So WOW has clans now, apparently. Who’s gonna create the Mudspike one? Huh huh?



…and we are the Mudspike Battle Group. Invite your friends.


I was going to post this here. Please tell me the tag is MUD.

Thanks for springing for the dubloons on this!


I needed an excuse to finance my transition into Tier 8. Nawlins/Benson here we come.


Do the anniversary missions. You can get a free permanent Camo for your New Orleans.


Doh! I didn’t realize it costed dubloons to create one, thanks @near_blind!

I accepted your invite last night but couldn’t manage to find an option to invite others. Not sure if you need admin rights to do so or if I just missed it - the latter is perfectly possible as I was a couple glasses of scotch in…


It’s super unintuitive. You have to open their profile page and there should be an invite button. If not tell them to apply. I am as discriminating as an F-15E WSOs mom.



anyone playing wows in europe?


I do little bit of boats with around 3-5 tear.


…and now they’re looking to add submarines to the game. I don’t see this going badly in any way, shape, or form.


You’ve always been great at sarcasm! :slight_smile:


I agree with most everything iChase talks about in his video. Besides, submarine combat has always been MUCH more strategic than the majority of the emergent gameplay in World of Warships (aside from the current carrier mechanic), so I’m just having a hard time seeing how this could be well integrated. And that’s not even including the ASW aspect that would have to be addressed, and be covered by mostly destroyers (which seem to be the least played class in game, aside from carriers).


Don’t get me wrong- I haven’t seen the video and I already agree with everything you said.

No matter how much I love some stuff, it’s really hard to implement it in videogames.
Sub-Warfare is DEFINITELY one of those.-


So, ah, is anybody still playing this? Just logged back in for the first time in probably over a year, and this is me right now:



Its simple: select pretty boat, sail towards red team. Shoot them. Get killed. Do it again.


There‘s been a change in how carriers work. It‘s not RTS style top down view anymore, but a 3rd person view of a squadron with direct control of it. Ships vs planes is now very fast and spectacular.

I haven‘t played it a lot since that change, due to the new ranked season and other things on my todo list. But I read they are still busy balancing this.