X-Plane 11 from a YYZ perspective

I’m an X-Plane virgin because of the seemingly very limited worldwide ground detail that I read about in previous versions. Has that changed with X-Plane 11? I’m wondering what the default install looks like from CYYZ, CYTZ and CYKZ … for example are there any marked taxiways? Can anyone post a few quick screenshots?

Departing YYZ default scenery and default Baron. The traffic on the highways is live.

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Carenado C152 II at CTZ.


Very interesting! Thanks a lot chipwich!

The airports look pretty good! They seem to really nail the highways, streets and railway tracks too. I’m surprised at the lack of city buildings/major landmarks but the autogen still looks OK.

The good news is that there are so many free add-on sceneries for X-Plane.

Some X-plane 10 shots of CYYZ. I think it still beats default FSX hands down.


I picked up xp11 last night. I’d say the auto gen scenery is on par with DCS NTTR. I flew a 737 out of north Las Vegas to San Fran and I was impressed. I broke apart when descending into SF but that’s another story.


I am also very improved with XP11’s scenery. Really great.