X-Plane 12 Screenshots 2022

Some add-on aircraft, but all default scenery.


None of the studders seen in the video were present in the actual flight. Also, the wake in front of the boat is an anomaly of the playback feature of XP.

Try THIS in DCS!

The Nimitz is a work of art in itself. That was true with the XP11 Nimitz as well. I think this one is even better. A fun game is to fly the R22 to an open deck (elevator at the flight deck) and fly around the hangar bay to another open elevator. One bug is that the wind over the bow is still present in the bay, so the flying is slightly challenging.


Challenger 650 (beta for XP12). The HotStart developer is hard at work squashing bugs for XP12. 4 updates in just the last 7 days.)

Portland PDX

PNW Orthos looking good in XP12

FlightFactor B767-400ER (beta for XP12)

Departing LAX



Love the -400. But American doesn’t have them! Just us and Delta

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Yeah, FlightFactor threw in a list of liveries for the -400. :man_shrugging:



The 767-400 is a bit of an odd duck. It was close enough in size to the 777-200 that most airlines either stuck with the smaller 767 variants or just rolled the dice on the 777. In the end, only a handful of airlines worldwide ordered it. But for those who did, it has proved to be a great machine that’s still filling a niche which no airliner available can*.

*Because the 787 isn’t really “available”.


Couple of early morning FF 767-400 short hauls to SFO and SLC. XP12 beta 9, FF767 1.6.3


COOL! I just came back from BER in a -400 two hours ago. It warms my heart to see those colors. We flew ship 064. Yours pictured is 063. (COOL, again!). In my pretty long career flying several airliner types, the -400 is by far the hardest to land well. My student today landed in EWR beautifully! I am still riding off that high of seeing someone work so hard and be se well-rewarded.


nice shots! guess the scenery is true earth, correct?

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Nope just orthos, well custom, color corrected orthos by Vertical Sim. Freeware

Overlays by https://simheaven.com/


thx, once I will be up north will try them definitely.

found my new proving grounds. high deserts of Indian Springs at Creech. not many objects like buildings and stuff around, and far from big water bodies, i.e. high fps :slight_smile:

@smokinhole you were right, the default CitationX is really great for a default plane.


Yep. It’s a good demonstrator of the aerodynamic and systems enhancements that come with v12.

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so smooth the latest beta, doing 100 … FPS again :slight_smile:


That’s so sexy.


That’s great news!

was similarly surprised how good looking she is in the new XP12 … despite being free :slight_smile:

as I noticed there is certain level of disappointment about DCS modules release times. so I encourage you @Maico to try XP :slight_smile:

this one is free also, but is here and available. she is not machine perfectly looking from all possible angels but good enough to have some fun. have to take her to the boat next


and the opponent, also free of charge (its port from older ver. so some imperfections here and there)


Took a few flights in the released version of XP12.

Even though I’ve got MSAA maxed, there are still jaggies at certain angles. Default C90B and San Diego scenery. The CVN-79 John F. Kennedy has left port and heading south.

The default Baron 58 is outstanding. Probably my favorite along with the R22.


Baron is nice. and it was nicely pimped-up for XP12. wish all the other default birds got same treatment.

discovered interesting statue flying down low around some X-World America scenery towns (I mean I guess this is not part of default autogen)

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Great shot! I mean, who hasn’t been wandering outside naked only to be spotted by a low hovering helicopter? :person_raising_hand: Anybody?