X-Plane and the PT-6

I just realized that 3 out of the last 4 aircraft I purchased all use some variant of a Pratt and Whitney PT6. Also a large number of 3rd party aircraft use this engine.

Is the PT-6 the gold standard of general aviation, or does X-plane just have a thing for them?

I realized this as I was looking for a different flight experience, several of the well reviewed modules are a PT-6 and G1000 suite stuck in different airframes.

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Pretty much.
It’s a very successful design that has spawned many, many variants.

Loads of cool PT-6 goodness.

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Yeah…Pratt & Whitney and Garrett engines have the lion’s share of GA turboprop installs…

It’s a great engine. Pretty much bullet proof, unless your name is Chris. ;).


I’ve smoked a couple in the TBM 900. Also lit the Kodiak on fire a few times.

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Among my circle of friends back in the day I have only heard of one PT-6 failure–and that was me. We took off out of DCA and lost control of the right prop rpm. The governor failed in a very fortunate way that was not catastrophic. They are great motors. And unlike the crazy loud and whinny Garrets, it’s a free turbine and doesn’t need a gearbox.

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Revised statement. The PT6 is pretty much bullet proof unless your name is Chris or Eric. :wink: .

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Great, the only two pilots I know that have experienced PT6 failures are amongst us. I’m beginning to loose faith in the PC12.

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Or your virtual friends… :rofl: