X-Plane Flight Factor A320 Ultimate



Really interesting and valuable write up, thanks for the effort!


Correct small details make me giddy in flightsims, despite it not really being required… No idea why but your write up makes me want to get it! :smiley: Love it!


And it supports 55 kilos, according to Captain Joe…


You impressed @Chuck_Owl! I had forgotten how clean and beautiful that cockpit is. I last saw it 20 years ago and even then it way out-classed the brand-new-off-the-floor Max9. Looking forward to the in-depth paid piece on Mudspike!


I’m seriously thinking about getting this aircraft. The detail looks amazing, and i think I could probably fly it with my functioning left hand if I put both throttle and stick to my left side… it would take some juggling but probably do-able…


Oh, wow! Many thanks, guys. I am glad if you enjoyed it a quarter as much as I enjoyed writing it! :slight_smile:

@BeachAV8R If you think it is worthy of being such a thing, sure! Would you like me to edit it, clean it up a bit, and send the draft to you, or are you good with it as it is?

:thinking: I get from this that there is some damage to your right hand? Get well soon, if so!

Anyway, I’ll finish off what I satrted, here’s the rest of that flight review (part 2). Continuing…

All that done, and taxying out to RWY 15 holding point, I executed the Before Take Off procedures, and the checklist down to the line, but not before noticing that the Lima congestion was properly simulated (LOL!)…

Once the 737 had gone, it was my turn. I performed the below the line actions and checklist, (note, ECAM MEMO Take Off, No Blue) and lined up…

Applying power for take off, N1 stabilized at 50%, then click-click, forward through the CLB detent to the FLX/MCT detent. Immediately after verfiying that you are maintaining center-line, call out the FMA…

It was all exactly as it should be.

Call; 100 knots, V1, rotate, positive climb - gear up…

Autopilot 1 ON, and already doing the first turn of the SID…

Being light as it was, the speed went considerably over V2 + 10 during the initial climb out. Now, you might think the aircraft would pitch up a bit more to bleed that off, and that they got this wrong on the sim. This assumption couldn’t be further from the truth; they got it exactly like it is, at Flight Factor. The pitch is limited to a maximum of 18º, which it pegged, and speed will increase above the target slightly on light take offs.

Crossing through the thrust reduction altitude, the FMA made the correct flashing LVR CLB annunciation, indicating you should bring the levers out of the FLX/MCT detent and back to the CLB detent. THR CLB annunciated, along with SRS, as we are still complying with the programmed in noise abatement procedure in the PERF climb page…

Above which, the vertical mode changes to CLB, with a magneta ALT acquisition under it. Note the 6000 in magneta above the altitude tape, in Managed mode, as the next altitude to capture (despite 28000 being set in the FCU as the final level). This is the FMGC doing its work, and is interesting, as this SID has an at or below altitudes along the path. Watching the sim comply with them will be part of the test. So far it looks good. Also, above the acceleration altitude, the cleaning up of flaps is effected. Evidence of both things going on in this shot…

And, the constraint is captured, with the correct FMA annunciation (ALT CST). Awesome…

This has all gone very well, so far…

As it passes the altitude constrained waypoint, the climb resumes automatically, with no need to push or pull any knobs again. The climb target altitude is now the FCU selected 28000, in blue of the top of the altitude tape, to indicate there are no more constraints…

Now, time to check the function of the air conditioning system. First, let’s cool the passengers down a bit (that is; if we had any)…

Indication correct of the COND ECAM page…

Now let’s warm it up…

Heh heh heh! Look at those trim air valves moving up…

Enough, back to normal…

Quick check of how the pressurization system was holding out. All looking great. Go ahead and calculate that Differential Pressure vs the difference between the FL and cabin altitude, if you like (even though there’s no need to, really; it’s right). The cabin climb rate is quite high, though. However, the aircraft is climbing like a ding-bat at this weight, and that cabin rate is within advisory limits, so once again; no issues here…

By the time I had finished generally fiddling around with the air conditioning, we were through FL240, and had done the whole climb on the Cost index FMGS computed Managed Speed. Just for the sake of it, I tried the Selected Speed function, and dialed in 315 knots. The speed index changed to blue, and the aircraft reduced pitch to accelerate to it. This is all very convincing…

Reaching FL280, the FMA annunciated the altitude capture perfectly…

Now, I had some cruise tests in store, but trundling along just levelled off reminded me that we often pull out the tables at this stage to start preparing, with the QRH, for the contingency calculations in case of a depressurization or an engine failure. Do the tables work? Of course they do! LOL!

Passing waypoint IM917, I decided I would want to make ATATU an overfly point, rather than a fly by. This worked reasonably well, though the symbology of the route was a bit “disjointed” at the waypoint…

And next, I figured I might try the OFFSET function, before moving on to more in depth tests with the Managed and Selected modes of the FCU. However, it seems this OFFSET function is only partially complete. No sooner I hit the key to program the offset…

AWWW! What?

To miss-quote John Paul Jones; “I have not yet begun to have fun!”. The magic carpet was pulled from under me, and I still had several in flight abnormals I wanted to test, as well as the normals. Nevermind. I will have to finish this some other time. Good excuse to fire it up again next time.

Presumably the OFFSET, programatically, leads to an incomplete function or one that does not return yet, or something (done it many times myself, when I used to program, so my understanding and patience is complete, even though my flight was cut off). I trust it will all be fixed. There are several other ancialliary but not vital functions, too, in the MCDU MENU, which do not work, but hopefully will in the future.

To sum up; I cannot complain. For one, am impressed with what I have seen so far, and I am aware that updates are being done for this module. Do I think it is worth it?

Well: If you like the Airbus, what more could I possibly say? Definately a plus one for it, here. Great job FF!


Thanks for writing up your observations @Cygon_Parrot. I’m close to taking the plunge with this one. I need to research the other available Airbus modules first though. Especially as the JAR A320 is heavily discounted right now.


First time ever on Mudspike, i made an account just to say your writing is amazing and please continue doing it!!!
Very nice community you guys make here!!


Welcome to Mudspike Szymans!


Thanks! Im mostly interested in X-Plane stuff but ive been looking around a bit of everything, very interesting forums and good people. Definetly i’ll be around here often. Can’t wait for the third part of the review :yum:


Thank you! I’m honored.

To boot, you’ve joined what in my opinion is the best corner of the internet, if you like flight sims and the odd F-111 here and there.

Seeing as you’ve asked, I’ll get around to that. :slight_smile:

Welcome, @Szymans !


I’m just wondering if that might be because it is being superseded? In any case, I couldn’t advise, as I don’t have the JAR A320, to make a comparison.


Ha…funny! You’ve said plenty of quality stuff. I just got home and am going to tuck into the second part of your impressions now that I’m able to sit still for ten minutes.


I think you hit the nail on the head there CP. The only other contender is the ToLiss A319 which is getting good reviews as well.


The problem is that most reviewers are going out of their way not to compare the two.


Honestly, I think you’d be way better off spending the extra scratch for the Flight Factor. I have the JAR A320, and while I can’t claim to have fully explored it, I’ve done enough reading to know that there are significant issues with it. The Flight Factor A320 seems to be really striving for near perfection. I haven’t bought it yet, but it is definitely going to happen…I just want to have a couple days to really savor it when I do.


I was flying the the JAR A320 last year (i’ve been out of home for months). And there were serious problems with the MCDU and AP behaviour. I dont consider myself expert on Airbus, but i had way more trouble with it than with the Aerosoft A320 that i was flying in FSX ( Also not a reference since i considere it as a half-study plane waay less complex tham the FF). That being said, i would add that if you want to enjoy the JAR 320 you HAVE TO buy the BSS soundpack wich is ~20$. For what im reading and because i personally prefer to study 200 pages but fly as real as possible and the fact that you need the BSS soundpack, i would buy the FF or wait a little for part 3 of this review hahahahaha :joy:


Well, usually it is me getting Mudspike members to part with their hard earned cash. Not this time though! LOL.

So, I guess I’ll be studying A320 systems for the next few weeks. :sunglasses:


Thats what i like from real study level modules. You can go as deep as you want and you will always learn something new. Or you can just learn how to do an A to B flight and perfectly enjoy it.


Just a link to a very interesting CBT video channel in the Tube:


There’s a section for the Airbus family.


I’ll be happy to go through it and make any typo edits (I doubt there are any). I think it is perfect as is.