X-Plane releases thread

Thanks for the update, Chris!

Just in time for my trip to KFJK :slight_smile:

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Not yet released but in da works


Nice little GA scenery - very light on objects and no static airplanes, so it is a really frame friendly little spot in the middle of nowhere, Utah. Just a few miles east of Capitol Reef National Park (on my “to do” list for sure). Pay attention to the required libraries, and it definitely does well with the surrounding ortho…

Took the Tomahawk out for a few circuits to explore the area. Definitely have to lean out the engine prior to takeoff with the 4453’ elevation. Too bad there isn’t an IFR approach…you’d think with a terminal VOR on the field they would have made something. Lots of terrain around though…


Lots of welcome and necessary improvements discussed, including turboprop, ground effect, and anti ice behavior. But I fear that we are in for a world of broken third party aircraft in the short term. Enjoy your Do228 while you can.

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The Mudry CAP 10C has apparently undergone a major update. (I don’t own it…so I have no real opinions on it.)

“The Mudry CAP 10C has been updated to VR standards. Since 2D windows are not available with SASL 2.5, a brand new 3D screen can be open as a pop-up object.”

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Not released…but according to Carenado’s Facebook page, coming VERY SOON for X-Plane 11 is their Citation II port over from FSX/P3D. This will obviously be a Day 1 purchase for me:


Startup instructions “press buttons on panel. Flip switches”


Day one purchase for me too I guess. ;).
I only logged about 500 hours in the Citation II but it was my first jet and I enjoyed flying it.

The II I flew had old avionics…this actually looks exactly like it except we had a Trimble 2000 GPS (LOL)…

I loved that Sperry ADI ball though. I felt like I could shoot approaches to 50’ and 1/8 with that thing…it was just so precise and easy to read…

I’m glad I had the chance to fly with the Sperry ADI, both on the King Air B200 and the Citation.
It was a real pilot’s instrument from a different time. Now I just play a video game when shooting approaches. That’s progress for you though. :wink:

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Never flown with one, but I am in awe of the mechanical construction of such ADI’s.
It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think that once someone invented the CRT screen and a computer, they thought ”this is a lot easier to present in graphics” :wink:

Another one for those of us interested in being off the beaten path. Gower Field (6WA2) just northeast of Olympia, WA.

Warning though:

“Important. This sloped airstrip is very mesh dependent. As there are many mesh versions out there, your milage may vary. I have used Ortho4XP v1.3 to create a high resolution mesh with smoothed sloped runways. Forkboy’s latest WA ortho should also work well. I do not know how this will function with default mesh or UHD meshes.”


Mmm, performance graphs. I am keen to see 11.30 even if I have to turn off HDR (the light blue bar is HDR off) in VR to get those gains…


Yeah…that’d be a pretty nice boost.

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That old Citation cockpit looks like someone vomited instruments all over the panel!


No idea of quality, but hey @Tankerwade!

Holy Alexander Kartveli - how did I miss this? I was only in the warbirds part of the store last week…?

This may now have to be my Christmas ride…

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Looks like the Hot Start TBM-900 will be releasing this weekend. Quite the list of features…

Some Twitch footage from the developer:

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Good news. I love this airplane and since the Carenado version is doomed to the maintenance hanger, eagerly await a review.

Upcoming 11.30 Release Notes

Password: laminar

If I understood “Vulcan” I would probably see this as a major update. But I don’t so there was nothing in the notes that caught my attention in a positive way. This did make me do a doubletake…

Downwash modeling improvements:
I’ve combined data from a number of NACA tech-reports, and confirmed them as follows:
Flight-test on the Boeing 707 in the 60’s showed that the reduced downwash over the tail due to ground-effect threw the nose down about 2.5 degrees if you never flared. With update from NACA tech reports on observed downwash, we now see the same thing on airliners of that configuration in X-Plane! So, the technical reports have been taken into X-Plane, and the results match flight-test on large aircraft where these pitch changes can be most precisely measured.

Given the weird behavior in the flare with larger airplanes I see the above as justification for the behavior. But he is interpreting it wrong. In the test the 707 was trimmed to be in perfect balance. So to move the nose down 2.5 probably took a relatively tiny amount of force–akin to throwing a beachball on the moon. But in the sim, the upforce needed to counteract this is very big. Well, anyway, I should hold off judgement until I see if 11.30 behaves differently than current.

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