X-Plane releases thread



I’m thinking that was the problem. But I think XP11 has reached a critical mass with the sim player base. You can see that the 3rd party devs have definitely noticed and there is a steady deluge of payware scenery, aircraft and plugins being released at a rapid pace. Great for the sim… not so much for my wallet though! :wink:


I agree. I enjoy P3D, but I play it probably only 10% of the time now and X-Plane for the remainder. Aerofly 2 is starting to creep in there too though…it will never be as complex as X-Plane, but for VR it is exceptional.


I think the non-ortho version is designed to blend more seamlessly into the stock X-Plane scenery. The ortho verions would more correctly blend in to those who have installed the satellite imagery overlays for both the summer and winter…


If you look at the Navigraph survey results, the pivot toward X-Plane over the last year was pretty big.
In case you haven’t see it, you can read the results here: Sim Survey

I still have P3D installed, but it’s getting very rare usage at this point.


OrbX continue to release a steady stream of X-Plane scenery that compliments their True Earth GB series.

Recently released, we have:
Elstree Aerodrome (EGTR)
Fairoaks Airport (EGTF)
Stapleford Airfield (EGSG)

And ‘coming soon’:
Old Warden (EGTH) - Home of the Old Flying Machine Company
Sumburgh Airport (EGPB) - in the Shetland Islands way up North.
Damyns Hall Aerodrome (EGML)
Popham Airfield (EGHP)

I want them all, but it seems OrbX are releasing quality airports for X-Plane so quickly that my wallet can’t keep up! I will definitely get Sumburgh, Popham and Elstree.


I’m lucky for now, the I bought the UK South scenery for the Mach Loop, but I’m sitting out the rest of the UK stuff just because I know I’m going to be hit hard with Pacific NW stuff whenever that starts hitting the pipeline. I sure wish I could “trade in” all my P3D scenery at this juncture…


I had to have all three parts. It is great being able to fly around so many familiar places in such amazing detail. I am sure I will end up buying all the PNW True Earth sceneries too when they release, but that could be some time away.


OrbX are releasing these new smaller Aerodromes at an impressive rate. I’m thinking of getting the True Earth GB series soon but I have a question please.

Do they all integrate seamlessly into the scenery or can you tell at low altitude any obvious differences in textures etc and do the larger Airports work just as well?


The OrbX airports are seamless with the True Earth scenery, as you would expect. Default airports are not too bad. Here are some examples:

Default London Heathrow Airport with OrbX True Earth South

Default London Gatwick

OrbX’s Southampton Intl Airport

Southampton from a different direction…

UK2000’s Luton Airport. This is a really nice airport, but it doesn’t blend well.

So, overall, I would say the OrbX True Earth is simply amazing. It’s a shame that Luton doesn’t look quite as good as the other airports, but it could be something that I don’t have quite right in the scenery ini file. I’ll report back if I can come up with some better results with this airport.


My bad on the Heathrow and Gatwick shots, as they are not the default scenery. I had to juggle the scenery_packs.ini to put them above the OrbX True Earth entries. Still, they look good:




I agree they look fantastic, I’ll be giving my wallet a bashing soon.

Thankyou for showing me those.


You are most welcome. :sunglasses:


How about EGCC (Manchester)? I want to see if the big hump on 23R/5L is properly obnoxious.


Sorry to disappoint Eric, but the 23R looks pretty flat to me (default airport scenery)…

The default airport plays quite nicely with OrbX True Earth Central though.


OrbX has a sale on selected products right now. I just picked up Elstree and Stapleford. True Earth GB Central and South are included in the sale with a good discount. Well worth the investment even at full price IMHO.

Also, the Just Flight Hawk has been updated to V1.2, featuring a number of fixes and improvements.


Nice (see what I did there?) looking Cannes, France (LFMD) scenery. Perhaps a candidate for a Challenging Airports article with that terrain and short runway…



Yes…very punny :roll_eyes:

Can X-Plane do specific date(s) scenery like FSX and fireworks on 4 July (NYC I think). It would be cool if they could fill the ramp at this airport with business jets during thanes Film Festival.


I don’t think it can do specific date scenery actions…well, perhaps it can with some LUA type file that sits resident until the date parameter is met, but I’m not sure.


Looks like xOrganizer has been updated to v2 and is no longer freeware. I’m totally OK with paying for something that somebody has put a lot of work into. I haven’t bought it yet, but am considering it. I stopped using it last year because there was some conflict with it where every time I ran it, it would cause some of my serial/registrations to reset and I’d have to reenter the data (basically re-validate the purchase) and that was getting to be a PITA. I’ve asked the author if he has addressed that.

My scenery library is pretty bulky and complicated now, so I would like this if it automates some of the stuff I do manually. As well, I’m interested in the different preset configurations (VR and non-VR) which could be useful.



I think I might have to give it a try. My scenery collection is getting kind of large too. I don’t see that situation getting any better going forward ;).