X-Plane releases thread



Yeah…I can see what 90% of people will be using for next year’s Christmas Flight… :rofl:


There’s always that one guy who does it in a DC3 though.


I fear that someone will come out with a rowing simulator this year and @Cygon_Parrot will lock himself in a room with some supplies for six months and start in June.


Release in May 2019 for those that didn’t make it to the end of the video. A Concorde would be great for XP if done well.


Been there, done that (in 2017)… :sunglasses:


Actually, I was going to suggest that the 2019 X-Mas flight be to Batumni…so I can use the DCS Mig-19…I really like that plane.:hugs:


I actually vote that @Hangar200 do it in his sailboat. IRL. :smiley:


While we are on that subject of the Christmas Flight, I am already working on what I plan to use, if it is ready in time of course…

Can you guess? I will dig out my ink pens and do an A4 size drawing of your favorite combat aircraft for the one who gets it first. Sent framed. LOL!

(Looks like the beginnings of a nautilus, right?)


Nieuport 17?


Firestone Radial?


:smiley: That could be so close…

But no.

I was kidding, actually, and surprised there were guesses! I do not presume my attempts at art would be anything anyone would desire. But yeah, sure, if anyone does guess it over the next couple of days I will hold to my word. To all except @komemiute. He can draw better than I can already. :slight_smile:


Yeah…I was going to go with a wheel. He is going to roll a wheel to our destination…


Strawberry Dunkin Donut?



A dirigible airship?


Is it a hovercraft? Something like the princess class for cross Channel

Or the Russian landing hovercrafts


Or the American LCAC’s? Buddy of mine works on them at one of the Beachmaster units.


That’s a good point! I didn’t think of those, looking at the shape of the drawing I think you might be closer!

I’ll split my drawing with you if we win haha!


…and with that, I am on my way…cold and rainy yesterday but I thought I’d get an early start… @BeachAV8R, you wouldn’t want to give a hint on whether I should start sailing east or west?

Actually, yesterday’s weekly “Frostbite Series” race. All Sonars. 4 races yesterday. I was at the helm for a second place finish. Two random photos of the (cold and wet) fun.


This is available on the .org store now. One thing I noticed that might be attractive is that the Caranado Saab 340 is compatible with the Reality XP GTN750. I know that you would be hard pressed to find a Saab 340 in the real world that is equipped with this unit, but in the sim world, it is so easy to use. I’ll still probably wait to pick the airplane up in a sale though.