X-Plane releases thread



@Hangar200 Bon voyage! You look the part there, concerned but determined. Try for St. Nicholas Island (I am taking pot luck there, no idea where there might be one, but there must be one. I will let someone else find out).

Not a Nieuport, a dirigible, a wheel (however, a wheel could be attached to something), an alien, or a hovercraft / LCAC (even though that is pretty cool, I remember those cross channel hovercraft).

@BeachAV8R, I am chuffed to bits that you imagine I could figure out how to make a doughnut into a mode of transportation, but it is, I admit, beyond me. LOL! You did cause me to increase my useless calorie intake, though.

So, we will see what I am doing next Christmas! :smiley:



Actually, I’ve been to and around there in RL. Part of the Navy’s Southern California Operations Area (SOCAL OPAREA). I’ve done a couple of exercises out there. From a flight sim perspective, and interesting airfield. Tall cliffs falling down to the sea at one end of the runway. Not sure about the marina. Are is my concerned but determines emoji :neutral_face:


Well, there we go! Not only does it exist, but you know it! How about that? LOL!

Looked it up, but I think it might be a bit of a short trek for most of the participants in XP/FS10/etcetera. Still, if you sail there from where you are currently…

Dang, I’d follow your blog! :wink:

Maybe we can do a “find the missing jig-saw puzzle pieces” adventure this year(?) :smiley:


I’ll stop chatting off topic now!


Very nice looking KPSP (Palm Springs) donationware…


Is that a piaggio on that last pic? Third one up on the right? Such a cool little machine that.


Yes. There is a very good freeware one out there for X-Plane:


wow. just look at that. a different plane. that’s something you dont see every day :smiley:


Beautifully done! Love the ramp texture. PSP has a place in my heart because that’s where an FO raised the flaps when I called for gear. It got interesting but fortunately these things don’t matter much in a “Barbie Jet”. (Plus I committed a similar crime with a Captain 10 years earlier)


You had that done too huh? LOL…I had that done once, landing at an airshow in front of thousands of people. To this day I wonder if any FAA types noticed we landed with speedbrakes deployed (they are supposed to be retracted at 50’ AGL).


Carve a dirt line in the woods and you know I’m all about it (though this one is actually paved!). Here is Ranger Creek, Greenwater, WA (21W). Near Seattle and Mt. Rainier…


There is a new Mt Rainier scenery available at the .Org Store that should work well with this airport.



Sure…I’ll give it a shot…but given my 3 x GAs at Concrete (3W5) las night in the standard Beech B58 Baron…BTW, is there a fix for trees practically sitting on the threshold? (I could fix quickly in FSX with ADE).


I haven’t used it in a while, but @Tankerwade had this that helps:


@smokinhole would probably enjoy this mod…and can’t remember if @Cygon_Parrot has VR yet or not, but he’d dig it too:

“The cockpit.obj has been replaced with normal-flipped VR manipulator highlights, knobs and switches have been transferred from the obj files to work as manipulator shapes. Functions that are only working using click areas have been left as such, more work is needed on the original port in that respect. I’ve added VR jump points to the copilot seat, in the baggage area, one bench seat and in the main door.”


No!! Don’t make me do it! Well I just bought the kitty so this will have to wait.


Good news though…the Aeroworx C-47 is free!


Still to expensive. :grin:


Looks like Aerobask is working with Dassault Aviation to simulate the Falcon 8x.

Our model is developed in collaboration and under the supervision of Dassault Aviation, with step-by-step validation according to their specifications. With a strong experience in development of glass-cockpit airplanes and thanks to privileged access to the real aircraft, we aim at delivering the most realistic experience flying the Falcon 8X.

Really looking forward to this; I like the quality of the Aerobask products and I’ve been waiting for a small jet like this for some time. The Challenger 300 is the only thing that comes close in X-Plane at this time and that aircraft, while pretty good, has several quirks that I don’t want to deal with – especially when I’m flying on Pilotedge.



WOW now that is something I really look forward to. I find it surprising that Dassault granted them a license… I have heard Dassault is generally very uncooperative when it comes to licensing.