X-Plane releases thread



X-Plane is definitely in need of more mid-large size business jets. I’ll definitely be buying this one.


Excellent! I’ll be picking this up


I know we are all going crazy about the DCS Tomcat right now, but I couldn’t resist the VSkyLabs Icon A5, which released today at the .ORG store…


I’ll post my thoughts on it after I have flown it a few times, but it certainly looks great.


Wow…didn’t know about that one. Looks really nice. Be a fun plane to explore some islands with…and the flight crew looks fun… :wink:


…did they use Marissa as a model for that pilot??


I’d marry that girl…! :smiley:


Ah… I was thinking a5…C.



So yeah, in VR, I had to snicker just a little but as I looked to my right… and then then I looked down to find I was a rather skinny girl, which was quite a revelation seeing as I am a 215ish Lb guy in the real world.



I’d marry the virtual you, Paul. :slight_smile:


Coming soon from PropStrike…


An SR-71 VR mod for the X-Plane default SR-71…

“This file is a VR Conversion of the Lockheed SR-71 by Laminar Research, which has been made available to the community. This conversion project was done live in a series of 3 live-stream events as a means of teaching the process for creating these mods.”


Yeah…I’m thinking the Propstrike Cessna first. :slightly_smiling_face:

FYI, the FSX Glowingheat SR-71 Blackbird is actually a pretty good model of the actual thing, at least from the imagery customer’s perspective.