X-Plane version 10.50 - What is new?

At the moment, they are in 10.50 RC3, so if you are down for a beta - you can run it now (I’m not). But this is a nice article detailing what is coming with 10.50:

Pretty thorough review. I’m encouraged by all of it except ATC, which was so bad that it needs a paradigm shift in order to function. However, since I assumed that it would take moving to XP11 before it could be addressed, I suppose that I should be thankful that it received any atention at all.

Having said that, my recent return ventures into P3D for the Superbug reminded me how much better XP looks (and runs IMO) out of the box.

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Yeah…a lot was said. Of course…a lot of it was perceptions versus hard numbers I thought. I’m a big fan of statistics that would compare the two (ie: new clouds added 25% performance gain) or something like that.

Overall an interesting bit of improvements…so I’m all for it. Still reluctant to go with the beta at this moment…so I might wait for 10.50 final…

I’ve not done much siming over the past couple of years but when I was fully into x-plane and assisting with the x737 I would follow Ben Supnick’s blog at developer.x-plane.com consistency. You’d get all the hard facts you could ever desire (and more) there. It was really a place for third party developers to stay on top of changes but was also highly informative to general users like me. What I always found refreshing about Ben’s posts was how utterly honest he was about -x-plane’s weaknesses and how he planned to address them–and nearly always did so successfully within 2 updates.

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Ben’s pretty awesome

Agreed. I’ve always wondered what it must be like to work for Austin. Whatever the case - Ben really does some magic with XP. It will be very interesting to see what they come up with for XP11 (and I pray that all my aircraft will be supported and/or be backwards compatible (usually they are)).

My install auto-updated last night to 10.50r3, which caused a mad removal session with JSGME before I clicked OK. I do this wondering if it is necessary, then re-enable everything after the update. I also made a backup of scenery-packs.ini, which I compared with Notepad++ after running the new install once. I didn’t see any new additions, but it had been rearranged breaking a few pieces of scenery. So I am assuming that it had been replaced during the upgrade. Ordering fixed the breaks.

In my 1 hour of kicking it around, I found that the weather interface has been improved, as well as in-game ATC meus. Didn’t have time to test ATC on a trip, but it does seem like it is easier to interface with while flying, as mentioned in the review above.

One complaint is that the sim load times seem much longer now, and that on a fast rig. I pity the poor ■■■■■■■ not running an SSD drive. Maybe it’s my system, but I don’t notice this with any other simulation. Perhaps it’s time for a second drive dedicated to XP.

It didn’t break the x737 of which I am a big fan.

Edit: Does the haze look better? Running SkyMax 3 Pro with real weather connector.

I’m still trying to figure this one out. I guess last night at some point my XP install updated from 10.50RC3 to just stand-alone 10.50. According to all I’ve read, 10.50 is the release version. Yay. Except when I went to load XP this afternoon, I was getting 1 to 3 FPS over New York City. I did just install a GTX1080 didn’t I??

Anyway - 10.50RC3 was running absolutely fine for me…but something was causing 10.50 release to not work very well. There are lots of possible culprits - SkyMaxx, plug-ins, etc… Well, I started with tweaking settings, but wasn’t getting anywhere. So I tried backing up my preferences folder and removing it - thus making XP build a new one. That seemed to work for a few minutes, but after I changed the weather, I was back to 1-3 FPS.

I stumbled across a thread at X-Plane.org detailing the exact same behavior for other people. After beating it around a bit…the fix seems to be rolling back the Windows 10 update KB3176938. I did that, rebooted…and I’m back to 30-35 FPS over New York with pretty much everything maxed…



And a little addendum to the above. I tend to run two monitors…one with XP10 and one with Firefox and some other stuff on the other. There has been some reports that task switching between XP10 and other tasks with that KB3176938 is what was dragging XP10 down. I tend to do a lot of that…so that might have been what was going on. Whatever the case, with KB3176938 gone…my problems are gone.

This is a nifty little utility from Microsoft that will allow you to select an update you don’t want to perform by the way:


Good info Chris. I don’t think that my Win 10 install has updated yet, but will be aware of that issue. Good job finding that one.