X-Plane - VR and non-VR settings?

I haven’t dug into this yet - but is there a way to set X-Plane preferences to automatically set your experience for VR vs. non-VR? It is sort of a pain to have to go in and change all the settings manually (details levels, camera FOV, etc…) each time I switch back and forth. I’d be nice to have saved presets. Is there a way to do this that anyone knows of?

Piggyback question, is there a way to go to a more traditional mouse based menu in VR, vice the touch controllers?

I don’t think so. Two thoughts:

  • For my VR or non-VR I just change the sliders to ‘Medium’/‘Medium’ and then back to ‘High/High’ for non-VR, so I don’t change things like camera FOV etc.

  • It’s all files. :slight_smile: Dabbling into the complex world of sci-fi matrix like programming you could copy the X:\Games\X-Plane 11\Output\preferences folder and then call it ‘preferences-nonvr’ and ‘preferences-vr’ and then either manually copy over or set up a shortcut that uses a quick Xcopy /i /Y cmd (/i assumes directory is destination, /Y assumes ‘yes’ for overwrite) to do it for you, i.e. have two launch icons to automate it.

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They should just add a setting that manages this for you. Srsly. There’s enough onus on the user in xplane already

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So now that X-Plane 11.20 VR is “final” (in that it has been released…not that they are done with it)…has anyone dabbled with the settings to find the proper formula for best VR? By that I mean should I be using Oculus Tray tool at this point and what settings within would be ideal?

I took the Saab 340A and Jetstream 32 up last night in VR…the first time I’ve used VR since 11.20 VR went “final”…and it was very good. I think they have changed some of the settings or tweaked stuff because I remember HDR was problematic with their VR…now you can use that slider, although I don’t know that it really changes much in-game.

The Saab is really, really nice…I love it in VR. The Jetstream is a bit more difficult to read instruments…which was why I was wondering about the Oculus Tray Tool. I might mess around with it tonight and see if I can get some results that are worth talking about.

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To that point, you should be able to save presets. Or…an add-on utility perhaps.

I feel sort of bad because I said elsewhere that with 11.20, the Oculus Diagnostics and the killing of ASW wasn’t needed. But after plenty of flying I still find that I need ASW disabled or I will loose performance substantially. I run the Oculus Debug Tool and run a pixel override of 1.5 and ASW off.