x55 joystick epiphany

I have been simming for about the last three years with my trusty X55 and have recently noticed some Friction when moving the stick to the right … well i looked up on YouTube how to lubricate an X55 … (yes there was much laughter and many double entendre’s from the wife about “lubricating my joystick” )

That all worked very well… but then I have a light-bulb moment … what about trying the different springs that came with the X55, I had just left the default spring in there … well after much turning the house upside down, muttering of “where the hell” and some swearing i finally found the springs (in the place where i put them for safe keeping) … I put the weakest spring in and it was a revelation … no more of that initial stickiness before the stick moves and an all round improvement of the stick movement, much smoother and far far better… but now I only have myself to blame for the crap flying :grin:


I enjoy a stiff joystick. Wait a minute. Nevermind.


I was watching a blue angels documentary, and in it they said they attach a 30 or 40lb spring to the stick to take all the slack out.

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No wonder they weight train.


Good move. I prefer also light feel of the joystick.

I bought few weeks ago my second CobraM5 (first one fell prey to my DYI). It has two smal springs, one for X axis and one for Y axis. I removed them and replaced each with one silicone hairband …much beter now :smile:

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I too loved the soft spring when I was using the x55. It was a whole new stick

Did I just read a passage from 50 Shades of Joystick? :joy:

You should watch the video by frooglesim where he mentions “lubricating the shaft”… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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