XCOM2: War of the Chosen

I know that there are a couple of XCOM/XCOM2 fans in here so this should make them happy.

  • Chosen: enemies that get more powerful as the game goes on;
  • Different kinds of Chosen with unique abilities;
  • 3 factions: Players need to recruit them to your cause resulting in access to super powerful classes;
  • The Lost: a new zombie-like enemy moves in swarms and attacks everything - you and/or the enemy;
  • August 29th 2017;

EDIT: Additional info from the interview at E3 after the trailier - from reddit:

There was a short interview right after at the PC show. There are going to be 3 new alien enemies (shown in the trailer) that we’ll fight over time and who will get stronger each time. The three resistance factions will have to be wooed in order to get them to help you. The zombie like things are a new type of enemy that will appear in some missions (wasn’t clear which), which will fight both you and ADVENT.
The three resistance factions are a stealth/sabotage oriented group, a group of ADVENT defectors who are individually tough, and then a group of psionic adepts who will have attacks that will build up power over several turns for big effect.


I haven’t had time to delve very deep into XCOM 2 yet but that looks sweet.


I just bought this in a very cheap Steam bundle - NZ$16.

I’ve played the vanilla XCOM2 through a while ago so should be a nice step up.

I think a few ppl have played XCOMs here?

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One of my favorite game franchise ever!


Urgh timed missions in turn based games. Never again

Heh…they do get brutal.

When there’s no timer, you quickly get to a very low risk routine of overwatch / flank positioning where you can often find full cover for most of the squad.

The timers mean having to make compromises in the otherwise almost mathematical overwatch process…it’s frustrating but I kind of view it as part of the unforgiving nature of XCOM games. Sometimes you have to stick your neck out and sometimes it gets chopped clean off as a result :sweat_smile:


was seriously looking into this XCOM games, but I guess I have enough turn-based gameplay out of AH2 :slight_smile:

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