Xplane.org Store Sale

The .org store is having a 20% to 50% off select stuff. Lots of good planes on sale.

Xplane Store

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Man wish i had more money. I ended up getting the Flight Factor A350. Should be intresting as its my first payware Airbus.

The Bell 412 is great - and at that discount is a good purchase if you are interested in helos…I’ll be interested to hear how you like the A350…

Yeah, Me and Helos dont mix! LOL Maybe I should try a payware Helo. I know one of these times its just going to click and I will be able to fly Helos. Still waiting for that click though!

So far the only thing that “scares” me on the A350 is the A/P.

I assume that the A350 is fly-by-wire just like most of the previous Airbus. Does the flight model work like the Airbus does? - in that you should be able to put the plane in a 10 degree pitch and 15 degree bank and the flight computers should keep it there with zero trim input.


Yes, I think… i have only read the 215 page manual twice. I have yet to fly it, That will be tomorrow morning. I do know there is no trim wheels just a trim button. This plane is really amazing the more I learn about it.