YouTube movie recommendation: White Tiger

I stumbled across this film last night while watching drying paint, AKA a P3Dv3 rebuild, and although I haven’t finished it, have seen enough to give the film a recommendation that it is worth the time investment. Not being a student of armor combat, I have no idea as to the accuracy or lack thereof. I do suspect that a single Tiger could not decimate an entire company of T-34s, but that’s really just background to the story, which at times borders on the supernatural.

What I did see was a gritty look at the life and duties of the Soviet tanker during the second World War, and thought both the acting and dialog compelling enough to keep my attention.

Original with subtitles.


Well, there is more than one story where a Tiger did exactly that.
The older russian tanks were hardly a match. The Tiger could shoot more precise and further, and with more destructive power than the russian tanks, it had better armor, and the crews were trained better.

Same on the western front. IIRC there’s a story from the ardennes battles when a Tiger got hit by, like, a hundred Sherman tanks’ grenades and just continued killing them.

Of course that’s one lucky one. There are also instances where a T-34 or M-4 one-shot the Tiger while it couldn’t hit them because they were too fast.
Also the T-34-85 was a beast itself. With its angled surfaces it was almost as tough while being considerably lighter.

So… yeah, there is some truth to it, but I’d also say that the UNSTOPPABLE GERMAN MONSTER TANK is just a too good myth to pass over. :slight_smile:
If you want to show your guys as the heroes who barely win the fight because they are awesome (while at the same time having a 10:1 advantage in numbers) you have to tell the audience that the enemy was SO TOUGH that you needed that to win. Same sort of tale is told from the US side in a movie named “Fury” I think.

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Thanks @Aginor. I took it for what it is and from whom the movie was made. As with all films, they are usually made with a single point of view, and rarely are they balanced. This would be particularly difficult in a conflict as long and vast as that fought between Germany and the Soviets during WWII. It would be also particularly hard to not step on anyone’s toes in that process. Ignoring the movie maker’s intent and the politics within, I chose to focus on the life of a tanker, be it Soviet in this case, or American in the case of Fury. It was most likely a frightening and horrible place to be inside a tank during something like, oh let’s say the battle of Kursk or in the Ardennes, no matter the side.

That there is a certain amount of Christine in the movie as well did not go unnoticed either. This film will definitely not satisfy a historian. However, does nicely as a diversion from what I usually pay attention to.


Yeah, movies are made for entertainment and they should be seen that way.
Of course war movies almost always have the tendency to be one-sided, that’s just the way it is and I don’t really mind.
Thinking of war movies I have seen, there is actually not one that I would really call “good”.
Some have good effects (Saving Private Ryan comes to mind), good action (actually most of them), shows how war can feel for those involved (All Quiet on the Western Front) or good acting (Enemy at the Gates comes to mind, but also The Thin Red Line), but every single one has some really cheesy or bad aspects as well.

…and now that I think about it some more that’s probably true for every movie ever made.

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