Z690, DDR5 and Alder Lake


8 GHz would be handy in a few sims I own. Not sure about the LN2 with the puppy…


Some decent benchmarking with the new stuff:

Interesting that the first title they try was MSFS. How far we’ve come…

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The i9-12900k uses like half the power of a i9-11900k to do the same thing better. Not bad at all!

Also the i5-12600k looks really good.


LOL, yeah, MSFS (and DCS) make everyone’s HW look bad.

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Good to see Intel coming back again, been reading about the 12900K and DDR5, but DDR5 is still in its immaturity I would imagine, its always taken new RAM tech a while to get up to peak speeds latency for an unfortunate use of words there :slight_smile:

I doubt this CPU bench of 8Ghz is reliable for more than a few seconds in modern simulation software, but a site I do follow is saying one example can do 5.4 GHz on a single core with regular AIO decent cooling, and that’s not bad at all … coupled with good DDR5 and other motherboards improvements, the future is looking good because AMD will play catch up again I’m sure and help keep prices lower for us all with competition.

Quite happy with my current rig of Ryzen 5950X, RTX 3090, 64 GB 3600 ram ETC for at least into 2023 or tail end of 2022, honestly not suffering in performance with anything so far and high end screen res of 5120 x 1440 x 240 Hz, life is good and fun :slight_smile:

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