Zen3 or not zen3, that is the question

Well, It’s the end of September and I still haven’t pulled the trigger on upgrading my almost 10 year old PC. Originally I intended to go with a Ryzen 7 3700X, but now that zen 3 is around the corner, I’m contemplating on waiting a little more. Any thoughts? When do you think that the midrange CPUs will become available in numbers?

Waiting is always a good idea when it comes to hardware purchases.


The hype train is in full swing but I have seen no definite benchmarks yet. AMD seem confident though so keep your powder dry :+1:

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Do you guys think that RAM prices will remain where they are? Otherwise it might be a good idea to shop some of the other components now and the CPU later.

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Not sure. One has to make a decision at some point, pull the trigger, stop following HW related news for some time and enjoy more FPS! :+1:

Otherwise you might risk upgrading not a 10 year old PC but a 12 year old rig without having the joy of two years of better (smoother) simming :wink:


There’s still time until CP2077 comes out, so I’m not in a hurry. :wink:

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I can’t believe how low ram prices went down after I bought my new rig components. The first 2 sticks where about 240 £ while the next set bought a few months later where half price, buy now if your able if its ddr4. Who knows what will happen in the future

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I bought RAM in Nov. 2019 for 137€, the same article number today is 122€.

It was 32 GB DDR4-3200 (F4-3200C16D-32GTZSK)

No need to rush. Maybe wait for the weeks around black friday?

RAM is almost a commodity for how the price fluctuates. If you’re sure the CPU you’re going to get will use it, buy it when the price looks good and save it for when you buy the rest. :slight_smile:

As for CPU, yeah, a faster one might come out next quarter, but will you be able to get it for the MSRP? Will they be sold out or selling for more? Then if you decide to buy a Zen 2 after the 3 comes out, the supply might shrink and you’ll find yourself unable to buy one of those because production shifted.

Bottom line for me is to buy the best I can afford now at the time I’ve decided to upgrade. I got an i7-9700k CPU about 3 months before the 10x00 came out, and the speed difference at the same price is so small I don’t regret not waiting. Especially since the 10x00 don’t support PCI 4 yet, so it’s no more future-proofed than my 9700. I’ll feel better about going to a 11x00 w/PCI4 in a couple of years than I would have if I had a 10x00 now!

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An oft overlooked key to pc hardware happiness! There will always be something better, and/or something that gives you ‘more for the same amount of money’ just around the corner. Said new products will also always carry the same two potential risks:
/- Being only a modest step up in performance (so one has ‘wasted’ time in waiting)
/- Being a major step forward as a platform, but being less reliable/ more error prone than a more proven platform that’s later in it’s life cycle.

It’s up to each of us as enthusiasts to know when we want to find that balance of waiting versus ‘stake-in-the-ground’ line drawn on buying whatever the market has on tap.

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I’d wait a little. Not because I believe in the waiting game, but because a lot of new stuff is just around the corner. Since we are in the middle of a big generational leap, no harm in waiting a little longer!

I’ve gone ahead and ordered everything but the CPU, since I plan to get it from a different vendor anyway.

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The components have arrived. This is going to be a long wait until October 8th. I hope they announce their release schedule so i can decide if i want to wait for Zen 3 or get the 3700X instead.

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Also not sure but I don’t think so.

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I’d wait… Zen 3 is definately gonna be a big step,

I have a 2700X and may end up going to Zen 3/rDNA2 this winter once the launch buggies are worked out.

Yeah, but when are we going to see it in numbers? Don’t want to wait till December…

the next week are the launch events, so hopefully november.

If this is true and there’s no 5700X for now, then there’s no point for me to wait. I guess we’ll see on Thursday.