Hangar Flying

Hangar Flying is for our general chat. Please no NSFW or politics/religion stuff. Everything else that doesn't fit into an existing category is good!

Flight Sims

All things Flight Sim! Over-time we can organize it a bit more, but for now if it's on a computer and looks vaguely like flight then it's good!

Screens & AARs

A special place to add your gaming screen captures and After Action Reports (AARs).

Hardware & Tech Questions

PC, peripherals, flight sim gear, head-tracking, VR headsets, graphics and components related topics and news. If it's made of black plastic, put it in here.


For all things Gaming. Mobile, Console, you name it - if it's not covered by another category then go for it!


Space Sims! Sci-Fi! Space News! Let's put them all in here in this special space.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


The place to discuss the Mudspike.com articles, plus somewhere to suggest what you want to see next!