1.5.7 vs 2.5 Comparison Shots


Still compares a tad unfavorably to Kuban. They are different sims though and Kuban has far fewer man-made structures to draw. But boy is it purdy!


WOwza, the day they finally emrge the maps it’s going to be absolutely glorious!
Can’t wait. :stuck_out_tongue:


Big step forward!

(And yes I know you know what comes next)

…at least visually. I am really hopeful for some cool info about the info about the simulation aspects soon!


Agree. The unique land class is more detailed in Kuban and many textures look much more natural. DCS textures tend to look quite artificial, especially the edges with other ones.


Remember this is just an upgrade to an old map to make it work in 2.5. They didnt build this map from scratch, so not everything will be as good as they could get it building a new map.

You could also mention how much smaller the IL2 map is compared to the DCS one…


Looking very nice.

That is a good point. Here’s a rough approximation I did before.

I need to update that to put it the other way around, i.e. Kuban superimposed on the full DCS size.

For fast jets rather than props we really do need to a bigger operational area that DCS has, especially to stop the Tanker from doing figures of eight. :slight_smile:


I did one comparing a number of different sims and games a while back, just in square/rectangle boxes just to show the difference, it really brings home the difference.


Yes, I updated my original IL2 post, just to give another perspective. Here’s a Kuban vs 1.5.7 Causcaus, with the mountains on the bottom right of the DCS area sort of showing the higher/lower detail area. Only meant as a very approximate guide, but a good visual indicator:


At 400 KPH Kuban feels HUGE. But that’s the last I’ll mention it here. ED just keeps throwing nice bones to me. The last thing I want to do is bark and snarl in reply.


They look a little tight on the runways.(Specifically, I’m referring to the group of trees in the bottom right of the screenshot that are off to the left side of the runway.) Maybe it’s just me being nit-picky or it’s simply perspective; I’m open to the possibility! And, perhaps, maybe it’s just that it’s at one of the more minor airfields.

But to me a prepared airfield should be a little bit better groomed than to have trees that close to the runway edges.

I’m hoping that, at worst, it’s an auto-gen issue that is simply a result of the update being unfinished.


SiTH Was kind enough to post some new 2.5 images


I knew square roots, but whole fragging square islands?



They are all great but this one is … OMG.


The rock textures still look a bit flat, hopefully they can be improved a bit, still.

Apart from that it looks quite polished already.


Oh, another 1.5 vs 2.5 comparison shot from @SiThSpAwN - very nice!

Ref: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3292085&postcount=177


Amazing Difference !!


It actually looks a bit ‘Normandy like’ now, with the lighting, deferred shading and those nice new clouds.

It’s also reassuring that the weird yellow bubble train station is still there at Tbilisi…



Dang…that looks delicious…


i wonder how long until release. it seemed like two weeks at the start of this thread…


I think the current moods seem to be swaying to it being a bit earlier than expected. I sort of thought it might be about Spring next year, given the issue of mission compatibility plus the desire to update stuff like the clouds etc at the same time as the old map.

I would guess we’d have something like this next:

  • 1.5 & 1.5 open beta for update testings
  • 2.5 open alpha, where the Caucasus is added as the base map (alongside NTTR, Normandy as modules).

The day that 1.5 is turned off is a huge deal (and maybe it will hang around as a ‘legacy release’ for a while) but then all new effort switches to the new 2.5, 2.6 etc. going onwards.