1.5.7 vs 2.5 Comparison Shots

It sure looks pretty, but personally I am a bit disappointed that thousands of man-hours are spent on that tired old theater that I have been flying in for the past 14 years. A theater that consists of 100% Soviet airfields by the way. As a player and mission maker I am rather full of it.

I know they couldn’t due to the various content that is sold for the Caucasus, but personally I would have preferred to see the theater finally die and the sparse development resources being spent on a new place.

But it looks pretty for sure.

Yup - spot on for me. I would prefer the new look with the old grass and shrubs maybe touched up. The new grass is very fuzzy (probably for performance) and looks like something from Novalogic’s Delta Force of the late '90’s. If it had been shorter, it wouldn’t stand out so much, but as it is, it spoils an otherwise fantastic setting imho.

Luckily, it’s only from ground level that it stands out as much (no pun intended).

The goal would have all that working on the new map, I believe most are already fixed internally, but its still WIP.


Pretty sure that is the goal.


While it is a massive update, its not a complete rebuild.


(Sorry if I seemed thick. :stuck_out_tongue: I can be that way now and then!)

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OMG! My jaw hit the floor. Cant wait to get home

Don’t rush home, this isn’t released yet…

Beautiful. I know it is not released yet but does anyone have an idea of when it will be? And don’t say two weeks. :wink:

Three weeks…:nerd_face:


I don’t know, but saying this as it’s fun to speculate. My guess would be they are about 2-3 months from a public alpha of Caucaus in a 2.5. After that it really depends on what missions and campaigns break and how long it is practical to not have a 1.5 version anymore. Maybe they time the full on ‘2.5 is the only version’ with some sort of F/A-18 early access, so Feb-March next year ish?

I think the Harrier is next up on deck, so I’ll be happy with that in NTTR for a while anyway.




That does look quite impressive!

I do hope they can resolve the issue with the tree auto-gen that close to the runways before release, otherwise that’s gonna make landing and taking off realllllll interesting.




I don’t see trees that would interfere with the operation of the runways. Am I missing a screenshot where that’s the case?

Plus Russian’s love their airfield trees, so maybe realistic. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting @SiThSpAwN. Without revealing any state secrets and inducing hoards of rapid/rabid speculation, but would it be fair to say that 2.5 and this new map is coming along pretty well? It seems to making good progress that an early alpha release of it could be sooner than we think?

EDIT: I’ve also prepared a new Mudspike :mudspike: badge to sweeten the deal :wink:


lol @ hollywoodlife.


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It was an earlier, simpler time. :wink:

How do we all not have the rampant speculative badge?

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