2018 Mudspike Christmas Flight Proposal and Vote


And write about it - there are some truly talented writers here who craft some amazing tales.

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Yes and if you are not one of those, you can try making others laugh with silly stories (like I do) or think with unexpected technical or historical stuff (like sailing, or difficult approaches, or grandfather stories, or histories of mutiny)

We try to take off reasonably close to our homes by the way



You guys crack me up. (Part of the charm of this place…)

So am I to understand that if my home was somewhere in Ohio and I only knew how to fly a Cessna, I’d probably have a difficult time making this journey?



that’s where the narrative part kicks in (see also: @Cygon_Parrot sailing across the Pacific last year).

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So I’ve started copying XP10 to my SSD… Something is upon us my friends!

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@Kinger, when you have some free time, sit yourself down in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee (or something stronger), and read through the thread for last year’s jaunt to Christmas Island. It was a lot of fun.

The official 3rd Annual Mudspike Christmas Flight - 2017 Edition



A most excellent choice!
When I was stationed at COMPACFLT, I went to Tahiti for a week for discussions with the French Navy based there. They gave us a helo ride around the island:

The French military are based at NTAA and use the runway for helo flights:

Beautiful terrain inland:

My hotel:

Back to land:

Ohh the sacrifices I made in defense of flag and country…but somebody had to do it. :sunglasses:

EDIT: I almost forgot…the helo and the pilot…a great guy!



I take it you have not read about my Mi-8 adventure in DCS which turned into an X-Plane 7 Star Wars nostalgia trip, ending with a Christmas present delivery through my home country, where I visited my in-laws with an Airbus A400M full of presents?

First Christmas flight we did on Mudspike I think



I think @fearlessfrog started in a Wright Flyer once too. Somehow that morphed into a Space Shuttle or something though…



I believe my favorite will always be @EinsteinEP and his repeated attempts in the Condco-FSX.exe has stopped working



So much rage by the end of that one.



Procedure Check (as I understand it):

Take Off is from your local airfield.
Start as to make it to the destination by Christmas Day
Can switch planes…but not in flight.
Take lots of notes and screen shots to share.

Multiplayer for the las leg?
Time acceleration allowed?
In the event of a water landing…game over?



There’s no strong set of rules, do as you wish, in the simulator you wish! Feel like skipping ahead a bit? Why not?!



On an unrelated note, had anybody seen an OS2U Kingfisher for any flight sim aside from IL-2?



@Kinger this is the thread I was talking about, the first time we did it. Search for “@freak” in that for some crazy stupid stuff.

Needless to say, I used to time acceleration and dragging myself across the X-Plane map even.
Although I did choose to make the DCS part a pretty serious long range navigation exercise, using all the Mi-8s bells and whistles.

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I have not, but you have me intrigued good sir.

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we can hope that this one will be ready soon enough :slight_smile:




For those that wish to spend some time in New Zealand:



Oh my! That looks like the rabbit hole from hell!



I started in silent hunter 5 then used X plane to head to Christmas island although I only got as far as Spain before real life intervened but I did stock up on all the scenery packs so it was a pretty flight

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