2021: The Year in Review

Happy New Year Friends!!! Super Cool Review…Thanks for putting it together. :+1:

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Looks like @chipwich is at the top with ‘Most time reading’, so I’d call him the Muddigger.
@BeachAV8R with Most Replies, now that’s a Mudslinger!
@fearlessfrog made the Most Topics, so he’s the Mudsplitter
@Troll is the Mud-catcher, he is most replied to

As for me, being 2nd in Likes Given (after @Victork2) but not appearing in any other list, I guess I’m the eternal lurker/liker?


Thanks guys, but I’m the one that should be recognizing and thanking you for creating the perfect clubhouse for all the things I enjoy. With 3 kids and a family CFO who watches the purse strings intently, recreational flying is on hold for the time being. What was easy as a bachelor, now elicits a raised eyebrow, undoubtedly for good reason. So that leaves simulations as a passion and an outlet, of which has gotten only better with time, including the additional extreme catalyst of the VR experience.

Thanks to you all for the comradery, sharing of your passions, and keeping the discussions civil. It’s been said a few times better than I can, but we have a good thing here.


Well said @chipwich


I’m both surprised I’m not in the top and mildly relieved lol


Supposing we all sleep some 8 hours a day (if only, I know, but that’s for the sake of simplicity), there are some 5844 hours a year we are awake.

So 177 hours reading Mudspike represents 3% of our time awake in one year :astonished:

Congrats @chipwich :+1: and all who made the Top Tens and congrats Mudspike for being such a splendid place it is!


The badges for the borderline obsessed (in a nice way) and the 365 Club are here:


Thank goodness, as I was struggling how to put a muddy dog into a badge design… :wink:

And then there are those of us who earn that badge every year. Borderline probably doesn’t apply for us anymore. :crazy_face: :rofl: