4k TV for flight sims


I am short on the spare time so had only second chance to fire up my new ’ monitor '… it pushes tears into my eyes so ’ pin sharp ’ ( to use @caisterwoods words ) it is. Crispy clear :star_struck:

But yes, I know… significant part of this sharp and crispy experience is the physical size of the pixels. There is no doubt that there is big diference in single pixel size between 1920x1080 pixels and 3840x2160 pixels on almost the same area.

But what struck me by surprise was the performance. Yep, what you are expecting from 4k is that your performance will strugle. Especialy after that question in other thread if 1070 will handle OK 2k res.
So what to expect from 1060 and 4k ?

Surprise! I almost exclusively play XP11 so I fired it first. And I went from 40fps with FHD to 70fps! with 4k. I think that dont require any other coment :slight_smile:

With DCS it was more standard experience. From 60fps to 30fps. So I am looking forward to what I will see with the mentioned ’ increase in performance ’ with the latest patch…

…in case I will have the time to test it ( not saying play it ) :grin:

EDIT : WOW again ! After latest DCS open beta update I have fps gains also in 4k !

I went from 30fps to 40fps in the UH1 free flight mision. And I am at 50fps in P51 free flight. ED made in this area SIGNIFICANT progres from the 2.5.0, thumbs up :+1: