And Then I realized, I cant fly


@Maico hahaha you’re entirely too kind!

By the way- are those MiG21 shots vanilla DCS or you use some Re-Shade graphical mods?


It’s all vanilla brother


WOWZA! :open_mouth:


These things fall under the you only live once category. Funny how every time I got hurt it was doing something mundane. i.e. Swimming with grandmas and kids, Im the only one to get stung by an iricangy jelly fish. I was in intensive care for 4 days after a nice UH-1 ride. Thanks Australia!


In an FBO and saw this sign and thought of you @Maico! :joy:


Blue skies with Ishak? Comrade, I am disappoint.

Glorious Soviet Red Skies in fly Ishak!


Hahahaha Yes its nice above the clouds. I had to be realistic and start flying the mission at night w more noobish weather as in light clouds. But theres a bug in the mission and they turned off the runway lights as i was on final. Still nailed the landing but my body was pretty tense. Another attempt got me a flat. All in all really impressed w that ancient system. Back in the 60s they must have thought it was witchery! I should be ready for bad weather in a week or two.


By the way, Fishbed has had noticible improvements in external model. It really looks the business.


The Fishbed got new cannon sounds. Sounds so star wars now. I like it though