Console for my Old Man

When he fully recovers you can get him Logitech G920 dirving wheel with full pedals set to get that ankle back to shape :wink: and to get more fun from driving.

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Yeah, he would love that.

Does anyone know why Driver: San Francisco seems to be unavailable everywhere? I see videos of it on the MS X-Box 360 store, but no download option. The only copies I see out there are physical copies. Why don’t they offer it as a download? That is the type of driving game he might enjoy (he loves old muscle cars)…

I can’t help but read the thread title as

No Consoles for old men.

Expecting Javier Bardem with goofy hair and a controller.

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So Pop-Pop…are we going to get you The Crew 2?



Alrighty…I bought:

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising
Just Cause 2
Fallout 3
Far Cry 3

That should be enough mayhem for a couple weeks… Any split screen local X-Box game recommendations?

Check out this wiki page

It states that Driver San Francisco is “Available on disc only, but existing digital owners can download it.”

Maybe it has something to do with music licensing? Many games have suffered takedowns from digital stores or parts of soundtrack being cut out of the game because licence for some song was expired.

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@BeachAV8R get him Maffia III . It is full of great music, great cars and an ok story. Has so e truly memorable pieces in it too. You want to be there for the church scene.


I had great fun with Forza Motorsport 4 on XBOX360 with my brother-in-law. The newer ones (Forza Motorsport, not Horzion) probably also have split screen option. There are many FPS shooters that also provide such possibility. Some games let even 4 players play on one screen at the same time!