Cycling thread

Today I received a weather warning while getting ready to leave work, checked the weather radar for rain and was relieved to see that I had about an hour before rain set in so I decided to put the hammer down. Got lucky with traffic lights as well, only two short stops at red lights.

Stopped for less than a minute:

Basically riding at and just below HRT

You can see where I decided to really push it. Coincides with a speed increase of about 4-5km/h


Putting politics completely aside, I really appreciate the casual nature of this encounter.


Andrew Feather (what a name for a hill climb champion!) is a monster!


I’ve read about these events before, there was quite a bit of articles in Germany when it first started (as a joke). Hats off to anyone who finishes. I hate cycling against a headwind with a passion. I much rather climb up a mountain than trying to fight against strong headwinds. At least with a mountain I have my pretty decent power to weight ratio on my side (4.2W/kg when I did my FTP test this summer) but with a headwind that doesn’t help … :sweat_smile:


What’s your W/m² WCS (wind cross section) :wink:

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I don’t know. I am pretty short (1.7m) but my bike is anything but aero xD

Your post got me all excited about the world of cycling, and it’s awesome to see the diverse experiences within our community. From commuting to triathlons, and now gearing up for a 340-mile adventure on the C&O Canal and GAP trail – that’s truly inspiring!

Gravel biking has its unique charm, doesn’t it? The mix of off-road exploration and the freedom to tackle various terrains adds a whole new dimension to the cycling experience. Your upcoming journey from Pittsburgh to DC sounds like the stuff of biking dreams. The Raleigh Willard 2 seems like a reliable companion for such an epic ride, especially with the added storage for the essentials. Learn more about the cycling tour from Threashold Acadmy.

I’m curious to know more about your outfitting choices and any must-have gear for such an extended adventure. And hey, 30 liters of extra storage with panniers is a game-changer!

Wishing you and your wife an incredible and memorable journey on the C&O Canal and GAP trail. Feel free to share more updates and tips as you prepare for this biking odyssey!

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So in my year and a half or so absence I still followed all the grand tours. They were a bit of my escape…the “background music” to my life as it were. I would watch all 21 stages of each grand tour. Bob Roll, Christian, Porino, and Phil are comforting voices that I can listen to endlessly. If I’m to be honest the new guys…Bookwalter and the other guy…err…I sorta preferred listening to the bad chemistry between Christian and Horner to the new guys. They just seem…stiff…I don’t know. I could listen to Bob Roll endlessly though…that guy is just so fun to listen to.

One of the tours was only on GCN I think…so I listened to those fine commentators too… Rob Hatch and Sean Kelly…Hannah Walker…etc… Now it looks like GCN+ went out of business. So I’m not sure where I’m gonna get my fix…


Discovery-Warner bought GCN some time ago and they (Discovery-Warner) shut down the GCN+ App in December. Not sure if Discovery-Warner is interested in picking up the licenses that GCN+ had for the race coverage.

I have been doing the GCN 30 in 30 (30 minutes of activity for 30 days) - mostly on my bike in Zwift, with the odd rest day 30 minutes of walking or a workout (stretching and whatever I can think up). It’s been good keeping focused on activity for 30 days, and I feel like I have been as productive as my Garmin watch is telling me. Consistency is key, I think :slight_smile:


I’ll be getting back on the bike soon. I sold my Quintana Roo CD0.1 last year during the separation… After doing the IM…I really don’t think I’ll do another triathlon. The only one that sort of interests me in a sick kind of way the the Escape from Alcatraz one…just because it is a fun looking event. I don’t know that I’m up for that level of suffering again though…

My new neighborhood does have access some to good connecting roads to my old gravel bike paths… So I’m keen to explore those this Spring…

Without giving results…does anyone know what streaming service was carrying the Tour Down Under and if they have stages I can watch back?


Looks like Peacock has it…


It really is a shame that GCN+ was just killed off like this. Fantastic value, not just for watching live sports but also all the travel documentaries, challenges and factory tours. I was really miffed when I saw the video on YouTube. Shitty big corporate decisions…


First time in a long while I got back on the bike. Took the gravel bike to the nearby state park and rode a bit. It really is amazing how all my biking muscles disappeared since the Ironman training. After just a few miles I could feel the fatigue in my muscles. It felt good though. I can’t find much of my equipment though…no doubt still over at my ex’s house. I’ll have to go retrieve some of it… I don’t normally ride with AirPods in…but there is almost no traffic on these roads. My Shokz bone induction headphones weren’t charged. Nor was my Garmin GPS…


Nice. Way to go Chris. You look like you’ve kept the weight off, so it’s just a matter of getting a couple of weeks of riding in your legs and core.

I’ve got a little time to ride this afternoon, wanting to get ahead of the Super Bowl dietary damage to come. But the forecast is calling for precip, so probabl end up Zwift-ing it.



I certainly yo-yo’d on the weight. During the height of the terrible last year…I think I was down to about 170 lbs. I’m back up to 200. Probably need to be at 185. I love riding the bike though…and it helps to do something exhausting…it pays dividends at bedtime.


Rode yesterday…about 38F and pouring rain…and then today…sunny and 65F… :man_shrugging:t3:

Definitely out of shape… 210 lbs… targeting about 190 to find my happy place… actually…180 would be great…but there is some pretty good food in the Carolinas…


Looking Good Chris!!!

How cyclist power modern America’s Cup racing sailboats.



Much better paid than their ancient namesakes though :crazy_face: