Cycling thread

Today I received a weather warning while getting ready to leave work, checked the weather radar for rain and was relieved to see that I had about an hour before rain set in so I decided to put the hammer down. Got lucky with traffic lights as well, only two short stops at red lights.

Stopped for less than a minute:

Basically riding at and just below HRT

You can see where I decided to really push it. Coincides with a speed increase of about 4-5km/h


Putting politics completely aside, I really appreciate the casual nature of this encounter.


Andrew Feather (what a name for a hill climb champion!) is a monster!


I’ve read about these events before, there was quite a bit of articles in Germany when it first started (as a joke). Hats off to anyone who finishes. I hate cycling against a headwind with a passion. I much rather climb up a mountain than trying to fight against strong headwinds. At least with a mountain I have my pretty decent power to weight ratio on my side (4.2W/kg when I did my FTP test this summer) but with a headwind that doesn’t help … :sweat_smile:


What’s your W/m² WCS (wind cross section) :wink:

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I don’t know. I am pretty short (1.7m) but my bike is anything but aero xD