Dat Bush Bug

I’m not sure what else you can test to see if that is messing up. Maybe x-ivap for xflightserver?

When you’re reinstalling xpuipc is just putting the old one back over whatever air hauler installs? Like. Wouldn’t you just backup the existing xpuipc and then copy it over the air hauler edit?

Those screens are amazing by the way… you sure that’s xplane? Like whoa

Yeah - I’ll test x-ivap and also I use Real Weather Connector and Sky Maxx as well as X-Life - so all of those use some unique plug-ins that might conflict. I’ll check em’ out though.

Well, sort of. The thing is, the new xpuipc goes in it’s own plug-in directory. The way Air Hauler installed it’s plug-ins, they went directly in the plug in directory (and not in a sub-directory). So I installed the new xpuipc (path resources/plugins/XPUIPC and then just copied the OLD xpuipc.xpl file to the plugins directory. As far as I know, the new xpuipc doesn’t contain an xpuipc.xpl file, so you have to keep that file for Air Hauler or you get warnings and the thing doesn’t connect.

:smiley: Well, when I decided to give Air Hauler a whirl, I went all in and bought the X-Scenery Arizona scenery - which is really nice looking from mid and high altitudes…but doesn’t look that great near ground level. It is just overlay scenery…so the autogen doesn’t really match up that well, and you still need to download and install custom airport scenery if you want objects. I sure wish Orbx would break into X-Plane…

One other notable thing I’ve noticed (after some research) with Air Hauler and X-Plane 10. When you want to import custom aircraft (let’s say you want to use a Carenado or X-Hangar plane), you have to do one odd workaround to get the import process to work otherwise Air Hauler crashes.

What you do is:

Rename your 64-bit X-Plane.exe to something else (X-Plane.exe.bak is what I do). Then copy your 32-bit X-Plane executable, rename it to X-Plane.exe. Launch Air Hauler, and when it does the aircraft import, it launches X-Plane and then shuts it back down again…but apparently the aircraft import function only works in 32-bit mode. Once you have successfully imported the plane, you can shut down X-Plane, delete the copied 32 bit X-Plane.exe, rename your original 64-bit X-plane file back to X-Plane.exe…and then you are done. While Air Hauler will work with 64-bit in normal operations, apparently there is a quirk with it with importing aircraft, so you have to use the 32-bit exe just for that process. I’ve found it works fine and only take a minute to rename the files.

This is the kind of quirky complexity that makes people not want to buy things…

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LOL…true, you definitely have to be wanting to get this figured out (Air Hauler). I’m wondering if all the plug-in incompatibilities (if there are any) are why the developer decided to not support X-Plane with Air Hauler 2. From what I read, he only wants to deal with FSX and P3D.

As an aid to locating and acquiring the X-Plane scenery utilized by EPOCH, I plotted the add-on scenery locales to a Google Map with embedded links.


Nicly done Beach. I bet writing a simple batch file to rename files and launch the importer wouldn’t be too hard. Then another to rename the files back, with shortcuts from wherever you launch XP from would make that process a piece of cake.

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Let’s be clear…if I write a batch file, there is a good likelihood I’ll end up deleting the entire internet.