DCS 2.5 Update Thread (2020)

…I thought that was a feature…

That’s great but didn’t really need to fixe it for the AJS-37 since it can back out :open_mouth:

Awe shucks…I thought the dry canopy gave it a kind of old Soviet days feeling. :grimacing: :wink:


…MiG-21 VR fixed - much rejoicing. Viggen weird blue color on some gauges still there…eh…other than prompting the song “Blue Velvet” to run through my head every time I fly the Viggen now…

I just shot a bunch of drones with the viper. Yeah they take some more killin’ but they all went down as per the recipe. I wouldn’t call it utterly broken however.

Perhaps deadliness was a bit on the high side. I don’t know how it’s for players, would suck if we are as fragile as ever while the AI gets to play bullet sponge.

I love what this patch did for the lighting. They are really onto something here. So good. It’s also right quick, both in loading and running.

In the case of missing A2A combat we can all take A10s and invade iran :heart_eyes:

So, with my favorite ride, the MiG-21, down for the above mentioned VR issue, I decided to try out all the new (“new” to me) A2G stuff that has been added to the Hornet since the last time I flew it…a year or so ago…yeah…that didn’t go so well…

The ground radar and FLIR are awesome. That said there is a pretty steep learning curve on most of the systems… :unamused:


I had 3 bolters in a row today after spending some time with F14, F16 and P47 and giving the hornet a break

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Plenty of time before the Fly-In, June 19-20.

History provides that the next Beta patch will be Friday the 19th. :sunglasses:


Looks like an Hot fix is planned for today.


And this is really the reason why most people use the Open Beta version. Every time a truly terrible, wide spread bug is released into the wild, they usually hit fix it in a couple days. The run of the mill bugs end up getting fixed or passed into stable eventually.


This here points out once again that the C-101 is truly a labor of love and worth every penny if you don’t yet already own it.

Describes most every module of course and is a good reason to cut the devs plenty of slack when it comes to oopsies like the current damage model issue. Clearly they care deeply about their products, and have plenty of talent. As long as funding is there it’s a safe bet that this product will continue to improve and thrive.

They got my support. Channel map incoming (even though I probably won’t mess with it much right now).


…and here I thought it was we were all just gluttons for punishment! :open_mouth: :wink:


Or we’re all participating in a perpetual version of Go Fund Me. I’ve no experience with Elite Dangerous but based on the noise that spills over, it appears similar. Seems it’s just the nature of [complex] software and the niche sandbox we play in.

But dang, I took the Viper up for the first time a few days ago (been doing AH) in VR and wow!..still wishing for about 60-degrees more FOV…someday…

Tweaked my Sim Vibrator (C) such that, as I rolled into the break and fed in G, I could feel my butt starting to ‘tingle’. Then, reefing it around harder, the slapping of my backside increased such that I knew my G just by feel…all “so to speak”. Phew, that’s making me sweat. :grin: :

My main frustration is the performance - I realize I can’t have very complex scenarios and hold 45 FPS (VR). But just flying it around, doing basic things (small group A2A, A2G training, AR, and pattern work) it is a joy.


Patch is out.

DCS World

S-3B unable to launch SLAM - fixed
Embarking group disappears from F10 map - fixed
DM. Aircraft insensibility to damage by weapons - fixed
MP. Improved integrity check reports

DCS F/A-18C Hornet by ED
Radar elevation coverage is incorrect - fixed

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3
Added wheel chock function
Fixed external glass material name
Fixed nose cone animation
Fixed ejection seat visibility
Fixed aircraft covers showing during ejection sequence
Fixed artificial horizon pitch animation
Fixed ASP glass texture z-fighting its frame
Fixed ‘English - Metric’ and ‘Chinese’ cockpit liveries
Fixed key bindings for the RSBN / PRMG channel selectors
Fixed key bindings for the ARU and landing light switches

Thank you for your patience.


LOL…I just took a look at the English-Metric cockpit yesterday and noticed a couple of texture glitches and was going to write it up today. I guess I’ll take another look. :grin:

I noted from above that this is “Phase 1” external model” and “we ask for your feedback regarding any FPS loss.” In the Russian cockpit, none that I noticed. However, I assume I should post observations over on the ED forums…just let me. find my flak jacket. :open_mouth:


Best of luck to you, be like Bert!


Hotfix is 365.5 mb

Huh… Mine was larger, about 800mb.

Oh schweer joy. It still runs like butter and the plastic bugs’ radar works and the bandits die when eating a missile. Most of the time. One flanker ate a -9X and proceeded to pump two R-73s up mine as I lazily turned away expecting him to run away and eject somewhere along the way.

I for one am very happy with the sim as it is. Even if deep night becomes a bit blobby on my CV1. Something I also noticed in Elite Dangerous, where true black and not-quite-true black get pretty harsh contrasts.


Heatblur FB page today:


I am hereby officially blaming my poor Viggen landing record on the blue tinted instrument gauges and dim annunciator lights! So let it be written. So let it be done. :smile:


Love that film. CGI is good, but nothing beats the real thing. I can almost smell the fresh cut grass, oil smoke, sun baked wool, tea, and rubberized cotton.