DCS F-16 Viper Mini Updates and Discussion

Wow, that’s great news! (And a honor having such a VIP responding to my bad joke)

In all fairness I have already pre ordered and don’t mind that there is always the risk of some last minute delays…

Anyway, can’t wait for next week!


Well that’s just awesome! Very happy to hear that man!

I hope you guys aren’t crushing too hard. It’s not healthy and we can most certainly wait a couple weeks more. I know I can.

Looking forward to the next viper video. They are a great way to sell the module imo. More representative of the actual product than glitzy montages of explosions and jets zooming by imo.

Keep on truckin’ Sir!


That’s very cool of @wagmatt to respond to you all personally.

That goes a long way in a tight community like ours. Well done dude. Thanks :+1:


Okay…but you can’t deny that the summer sale video was truly epic.

Watch it again here:



We’re not worthy!! We"re Not Worthy!!!:grin::grin::grin:
What an honor to have Wagmatt here. Of course, we are preordered and ready for takeoff. The list of features is amazing.
Really looking forward to this announcement.

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from Nineline…

“ Dear Pilots,
We are so sorry for the confusion on the Steam release date, we thought we got the word out to everyone, but the internet is a big place. The team is currently putting in extra hours to button up the remaining issues to get you all in your pre-ordered Vipers in the next Open Beta.”


Latest update: reference link

Hey everyone,

Things are moving at a very rapid pace, and here is where our focus is for the upcoming release:

1- We have Range While Search (RWS) and Single Target Track (STT) working, but work continues the SAM sub-mode and we are cleaning up symbology and functions. We are working on Track While Scan (TWS) mode in parallel with the Hornet, so this will come shortly after release.

2- AA Gun, AIM-9, and AIM-120 are up and running, but several items to still tune and add. Mostly the Dynamic Launch Zones (DLZ) and a few more minor items.

3- The Litening targeting pod is in and working, even for LGB self-designation. There are several items to still fix and add. Related, the DED laser page for the pod is now working. Please note that the LGB bomb laser code cannot be set in the aircraft.

4- Instrument Landing System (ILS) is in, but we still need to set up the needles. It’s close and I’ll create a video for it soon.

5- Tomorrow we should have the underside of the aircraft done with completed textures. With that, Cato will create the launch trailer.

6- The cockpit is more fleshed out with the Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) sensor post, some improved seat textures, a better effect for the LCD displays, and we removed the safety pin from the manual chute handle.

7- The Early Access Guide is shaping up well and will be available at release. Bunyap has done a great job with it.

8- Several interactive training missions will be available at release.

9- Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) radar modes are in, but we just need to update the HUD.

10- Dogfight switch is underway now and associated after and forward (MRM) functions.

12- We plan to have an initial IFF system but have not settled on the exact mechanization.

13- Helmet Mounted Cueing System (HMCS) is working in NAV mode.

14- Cockpit night lighting has been further improved with gauge lighting. We want to tune the flood lights a bit more though.

15- The centerline fuel tank will be ready this week.

16- Initial Countermeasurs Dispenser System (CMDS) and Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) is functional. Four programs for chaff and flares and the RWR will be set up for the ALR-56M.

17- Cold start is working now, but we are adjusting some of the electrical panel sub-systems so the act correctly during cold start. Some of the instrument values are a bit off too, and we are working to adjust them.

18- Flight path marker (FPM) drift cut off was added.

Next week we will announce the release date. Once released though (soon), the 20% discount will end, and it will probably be over a year until we put the Viper in a sale.

Thanks for your support!

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This phrase appears to have been carefully worded, and for good reason. Hopefully we can imply that TWS will reach the Bug simultaneously, otherwise I sense a PR nightmare.

The list overall is some very good news to read. I’m thinking to get a simple mission prepped with lots of simple ground targets for a open launch party when the Viper is released.


Hi Wes, although the presentation and some of the functions are a bit different for TWS in the Hornet and Viper, the underlying function remains quite similar. As such, it is more efficient for us to develop TWS for both aircraft at the same time and roll it out for both in the same time period.

The same is true for the AG radar and a few other systems like GPS-weapons LARs.



Targeting pod at launch! F YEA!


Thanks for the info Matt!

The only question now is what do I ask for for Christmas?

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The other day you were begging for a MQ-9 Reaper. 120kts at 35,000ft!

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That’s more of a Christmas + Birthday combined present…and I’d still have to buy a runway.

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Slingshot, plebeian.


Catapult, actually. Still has landing gear though.

What you really want is a Scan Eagle or Blackjack.

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Naw, see the string by the soldier’s feet? SPC Genius there knew the catapult was busted but never told the SSGT and just made a giant sling with some 550 cord, told the LT it was good to go, and let 'er rip!

On the other hand, SPC Genius won’t win a skating award because he got roped into doing it to begin with.


I can’t wait for this!!! I’m going to have soo much fun flying my Viper!!!

And they’re listening!
“10- Dogfight switch is underway now and associated after and forward (MRM) functions.”

Now if someone can paint the Toledo Stingers tail-art for me…


I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited for the paint kit (hopefully soon in the future). I’d like to try some ideas my self and I’m sure the community will blow us all away with some amazing paints.

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The newer updates are really pushing me to buy this bird while it’s still in EA…but I’m still on the fence. I feel like with my 4-ish years on BMS 4.32 I might end up unfairly comparing it.