DCS - Free Maps and Assets Pack for Dedicated Servers

This is really good news. Great idea.

Free Maps and Assets Pack for Dedicated Servers
With the release of the dedicated server, the most requested item from clients has been that dedicated servers no longer must purchase maps and asset packs to host missions. We have been listening, and new feature will be brought to you next week with the 10th April Open Beta! Dedicated servers with “no-render” option activated will be able to host all DC World maps and asset packs for free! We see DCS World Online as a critical feature of DCS World to move forward, and the ability to run interesting and varied mission servers is a great thing for you, clients, and us.

In addition, we will be working on further ways to improve and expand the DCS World online experience.

From the newsletter today.


No map requirement for dedicated servers is a smart move.


The only sad part about this is I already bought the maps to use on my server before the dedicated server was a thing.

Good news going forward nevertheless.


You should be able to gift them if you like, maybe a buddy still needs one, or as some sort of contest on your server. You can open a support ticket to explore that.


I’m really curious to see how naysayers will spin this magnificent piece of news this time.
I want to honestly thank Eagle Dynamics for the nice approach and trust in its user base.



I have great faith in them :wink:


Hahahaha, they definitely have lots of imagination for sure…

PS: You’re awesome.

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Great point @NineLine. I’m sure my best buddy, great friend, pal, chum, mate @Wes will surely take advantage of the gifting option! :grin: :wink:

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