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You are a confusing guy to understand, you say you read the forums, but you ignore all the features planned for 2.0 that are not graphics related, then you go on to use an example about radar, but then say you are excited about developments in A2G radar lol…

AND THEN, you list an issue of number of units… which is a feature 2.0/EDGE is going to improve on… I’ll be totally honest… I stopped reading there… sorry.

Sorry to confuse you. I guess I mixed the positive things with the negative a bit too much. Some points were in response to Beach’s post, who said that most of the stuff in DCSW is great already, which is a point where I partly disagree.

I don’t ignore the features. I just think they are much more important and info about them is much more needed than some screenshots, because I have the feeling that they are not as important to ED, which would be bad.

In a nutshell: IMO ED should show more other stuff, not just graphics. They have shown and told us about small bits and pieces, but everything but the graphics is a one-liner or a single pic here and there. That bothers me.

I hope this was more clear. :slight_smile:

Agreed - and collideable (sp?) trees - if that is indeed a feature of World 2.0. As a helo aficionado, tree collisions and line of sight limitations based on trees are really high up on my list. Nothing more aggravating than flying a Ka-50 and get shot down by a missile that flies through the trees from a unit you never saw because of the trees, but they can see you.

I agree - the terrain tools would be nice. I’m not very knowledgeable about the whole history of those tools and why they were not released or what state they were in. I generally didn’t pay any attention to the whole RRG thing because it interests me about as much as the Sims Vacation game. Just not a WW2 fan here…

I’ve had good luck with servers…but generally I’ve only been on 2 to 4 person coop stuff and occasionally on Wrecking Crews or Eno’s servers when we might occasionally have 8 or 10 people (rarely). Never tried 20 or 30 so your experience is probably more telling at those server loads.

Definitely a legitimate feeling. I agree the wait has been arduous. I chalk it up to the process being more difficult than ED ever thought it was going to be. Not much more to say beyond that…their blown schedules should ■■■■ them off more than it should ■■■■ us off though (in my opinion). They don’t get paid unless they grow their user base…and slipped schedules only hurt that. So I doubt they are intentionally trying to shoot their toes off.

And no, I don’t think you are bitching for nothing. No complaint is ever without merit unless it is complete hyperbole in my opinion. I like that your opinions are measured and weigh the good and bad and there is a recognition that the bad is a small portion and 90% of that is just the delays, delays, delays. Hopefully, once we get to World 2.0, which one would think would serve as the basis for modules for many years to come, we’ll see the pace of other development (theaters, planes, mission editor stuff) increase rapidly. That is my hope. Personally, I crave content (missions, campaigns, theaters) rather than more flyables. Sure, the Hornet is high on my list, as is a DCS level Su-25 or something with clickable cockpits…but I want to play the game part of the game too… I have more to say on that…but I can’t…lol…


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Well, I will defend Aginor here with the fact that the distribution of information has spanned YEARS…so it really is hard to both remember what the comprehensive list is, and what has been added and subtracted. I mean, even I have trouble remembering if certain FC3 modules are slated for FM improvements, or whether single ship, multi-crew ops are going to be added to ALL the multi-seat aircraft (Mi-8, UH-1H, L-39…?). It’s just hard to keep it all straight over the years…so I can completely understand that people are often like…wha…??


Did I mention how stoked I am that the MiG-29 is getting some love. Holy cow that is awesome…

Now…about that Su-33…

And I really think there should be a $20 Su-25UTG mod…just sayin…

A full-blown ASM SU-33 would be a russian jet I’d buy full price. Great plane!

They isn’t only DCS 2 down in the pipes. They is also multicrew with the L39, New maps and new planes coming, and those will obviously brings some new features as well (radar… carrier ops… )

Oh yeah, I forgot about carrier ops with the Hormuz theater. The logistics of that alone are worthy of consideration. You’re going to have to have some sort of (better) deck environment with planes moving around, parking, launching, recovering. You’re going to have to have a (different) ATC system that allows for aircraft recovery operations (Marshall stack, vectors, different CASE recovery methods), and some sort of virtual LSO. It would be really cool if there was also a graded landing system. I also assume there would have to be some sort of AI buddy tanking system set up since air-to-air refueling is a big part of naval aviation.

So yeah, there is a lot of infrastructure involved to opening up something like the Hormuz theater…


there is one thing about the delays we don’t appreciate enough - the devs are giving us some extra time to play with our recent modules before they release something new again :wink:

regarding the ‘groundbreaking stuff’ i mentioned. One really simple thing came to my mind. like IRL @BeachAV8R after each flight you fill your logbook in, don’t you? why then there is no logbook in flight simulators? even in FS9 there isn’t something alike (don’t have FSX). i want to know how many hours i have logged in each aircraft, how many landings, kills etc. And not just in the campaign but in each and every training, single and multiplayer mission…

@NEVO - I completely agree. To me part of the immersion is having a vested interest in your virtual pilot. Medals, campaign ribbons, hours, logbook, etc… One part of JF-15 I always enjoyed was the ability to rename all your squadron mates. As I always liked to joke - ex-girlfriends always get SEAD missions! Haha…

what i have just found. here we go, LOMAC :smile:

Just pick an excel sheet or a real log book in a shop and do your own.

I actually dislike game’s logbook. (they is one in DCS, by the way).

I prefer having my own, where i track survival rate, individual weapon uses and several others things. Then I can pull up custom stats in no-time. And I can cross over between games.

Well there is a thread with all listed, planned features for 2.0, I think both of you have commented in it before :wink:

So sure, if its someone never taking part in ED’s forums I can understand, but it isnt the case here I dont think.

Give us the luxury of being old and not having a great memory. Some of the items in my ED Wishlist are now a couple years old at least…so it’s hard to remember whether I’m mentioning them for the first time, or the third time.

My real life logbook is like my diary. With 7 or 8 thousand hours in it (can’t remember honestly how many are in there)…each flight has an entry. I underline the more “interesting” ones with red ink (…it was a dark, stormy night…) I love going back in my logbook and reliving moments.

I probably have a couple years on you, so no excuse for age in this tech supported world…

My first DCS Wish List post was in March 2007. I’ll stick with my assertion that keeping up with wishes can be tough over a long haul. Despite the tech supported world, duplication occurs. Despite the tech supported world, duplication occurs.

@SiThSpAwN give us a break :wink: I know you are a community manager at ED’s but feel free to be a community from time to time :smiley:

@Ookami I think DCS logbook is only SP and you need to mod it to record MP missions, but I can be wrong.

btw, is this already possible? I mean the part behind ‘In fact, …’ :smile:
Interview: @wagmatt on AEF

VE Reader: What can’t you do in the sim e.g. parachute out, land on an aircraft carrier?

Once you eject from the aircraft you can walk around the game world. In fact, if you come across a UAZ jeep, you can jump in and take it for a ride.

There are some Arma 3 type components that I would love to see integrated into DCS World. The ability to drive fueling, rearming, repair trucks. The ability to eject, land, then climb into another vehicle such as a helo or armor vehicle would also be cool. It would at a persistent quality to the game - perhaps not the most realistic to be rescued by a helo and then hop right into another plane…but I think the gameplay quality would outweigh the realism of it.


I believe what I believe, cant change that :wink: