DCS Screenshots [2024]

Is your attitude indicator in the Mustang reliable? I almost CFIT’ed thrree times on that mission because the attitude indicator told me I was in a slight climb with a gentle bank while my VVI was pegged at -6,000fpm, and my turn/slip indicator was pegged to the left. Came out of the clouds staring at the ground, pulled about 5G and got out of there with some tree branches in my radiator. Also didn’t have the triggers fire for Cobweb to go off hunting for targets so it ended up being a quiet round trip for me.

Fortunately yes it was. I remember resetting it in the Blue Nosed Bastards campaign a few times, but this mission the only failure that I had was when I switched to the left drop tank, the engine quit due to fuel starvation. Wolfpack345 had the same issue, although it was when he switched to the right tank. His video of the mission is excellent btw.

Yeah, I just stayed with my flight lead, (QP-L) and our section encountered the train. I don’t remember getting cut loose completely.

That’s weird, I was told to follow QP-L. The fuel tank issue is weird too. I drained the fuselage tank down to 20gal first, then switched over to the right drop tank, alternated every 15 minutes until back over the UK coast where I dumped them and landed on my left wing tank.

My bad Clutch, QP-L is lead. It’s been a few days since I’ve flown the mission,

ED forum discussion of drop tank issue. It seems to be random. Of course the Mustang has such long legs that they aren’t really needed.

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Oh huh. Guess I never used the tanks enough to notice. To be honest between all these bugs, others, and the trigger misfires in campaigns I haven’t been able to really enjoy DCS since the December patch :frowning:


CASE I Training:


Love that WolfPack

Mossie cruise. DCS performance is so bad now I can’t upscale my resolution for screenshots, so they’re an aliased mess. I hope the noise effect made them a little less pixelated.


:eyes: :eyes:
W O W……those Rock!!!

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really nice pics Clutch. I especially like the second one

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Just some practice fun.



TPOD tapes. Stuck the Mudhen in Apache Hunting Ground and did a proper night sortie online with a buddy.

JSOWs on an SA-6 site. Did jack squat to the radar vehicle but knocked out two trucks.

Angry SA-6 shooting back. Eventually knocked him out with a GBU-54.

Lased GBU-54 kill on a moving APC. Buddy cleaned up the rest with a JDAM pass.


Wow it really looks almost like a real IR camera…


Yup, unfortunately in DCS older radars (as in the model hasn’t seen updates in a loooong time) are completely immune to any cluster bomb that isn’t a CBU-97 or CBU-105. For example the SA-2 radar doesn’t take any damage either.

SAMs that have seen model updates can take some damage and even get destroyed if you are lucky but it’s way too unreliable. Anything that isn’t an MBT should be toast when getting hit by cluster munitions and even tanks should take some damage but alas …

Take missile launchers for example: In DCS they might take a little damage from a Mk20/CBU-87/JSOW but in reality they’d create a nice bit of fireworks when hit by the bomblets and the radars not taking any damage is especially bonkers. All the electronics should be fried, even if the metal structure is still standing that radar isn’t tracking anyone…


It kinda makes a standoff cluster munition rather pointless if all you can destroy are undefended trucks, thus negating the purpose for standoff at all.