DCS World [advice for someone transitioning from the Strike Fighters]

But seriously, the main point was a bit lost- I simply think there should be an increased release of FC3 level planes.

That’s all…

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Seems to me that the simple solution is that the same 3rd party dev brings out both the “FC3” level module and then they can take it to the next level at a later date. That way the plane set gets padded out at a faster pace and there is no conflict of interest. If you buy the FC3 level aircraft then maybe there could be a small incentive to upgrade to the full fidelity module when it is ready for release.

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cough Hawk cough

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To be honest though - the default A-10C training missions are very good. And I’m a fan of the A-10A and if AvioDev would ever release their C-101CC - that would be my go-to trainer if it comes with a robust basic and combat tutorial campaign or series of missions.

I can’t even honestly recall - is there still a missile effectiveness slider in DCS World? Am I remembering wrong that LOMAC or the early version of DCS had one?

It’s been permanently set to .01.

If it ever existed (I don’t remember it), it’s not there. There is an option to set yourself as invincible though.


There is a missle trainer with MOOSE that will tell you bearing/range and then have the missile explode when it gets near you.

Funnily enough I also have vague memories of the slider. However I can firmly confirm @near_blind slider assumption for the baguettes Super 530. They really should drop the super from its name.


Oh hush you. That missile has the best kinematics in the game at the moment. Step in line behind the AIM-7/120 R-27ER mob.

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Are you insane?! The 530D is excellent! What kind of shots are you trying to set-up?!

Flaming Cliffs 2.0 still had one, but it was the last version to do so.

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AAMs are properly named as “missiles” but the SAMs should be renamed as “hittiles” because the odds of them missing are quite low, an inverse of the AAMs.

What’s so amazing is that they’ve had this eternal problem with AAMs that no other flight sim has ever had to this degree. The lack of real movement on this issue indicates to me they don’t actually think there’s anything wrong with it. Why would you fix something you thought was correct? Well, you wouldn’t!

This is why mud moving works so well in DCS–you WANT those missiles to hit the ground. Hitting F6 and watching an AAM though you get the impression these missiles have invisible parachutes behind them causing immense drag. Hard maneuvers kill off speed in an AAM once the motor has burned out, yes, but not flying in a straight line!

Has anyone done the math to see at what rate, in g’s, missiles decelerate after burn out in DCS? It seems quite high.

Conversely, on launch they will almost instantly speed up to their max speed and then HOLD it for the duration of the burn. 0-1200kts in 2 seconds, then 1201kts steady for 5 seconds, then burn out and slam on the brakes.
The acceleration should continue for the entire burn, there’s no speed limiter at X knots that keeps them steady.

In short, physics itself is being violated for the missile modeling, but it seems like because the final results (pk and range) seem to fit in line with their stats they’re missing that everything between launch and termination is violating the laws of nature.

It’s like if the gas pedal in a car directly controlled speed. Push it down a bit, you’re doing 10, push it down half way you’re doing 60. The faster you move the pedal the faster you accelerate and at a given pedal location speed will not budge even if you go uphill or downhill…like an 80s video game.

nope, nup, nada, For me, that thing is a pita. If the A/c I am locked onto does anything over a 5 degree heading change, the radar looses lock, and I have scratched my head on multiple times at very suspect misses.

Hell, on my last flight in blue flag, I found a lowly Su25, I dove hard on him rear aspect (giggidy) and had 2 x 530 misses and 2 x magic misses. Then flew past him, waved bye and just gave up and went home.

Helicopters seem to be real bad with 530’s, They will track all the way there, then just zip down one side.

Maybe I have porked install ? To be honest, I use 530’s as a distraction as they are so bad for me to get into magic range.


That’s not a missile problem, that’s a radar problem bud.

How much CM were they using, and how hard was he maneuvering?

New Veeeeetnaaaam texture pack from Starway coming soon

Perfect for flying the new Bell-47G :smile_cat:


Yes I know this. But still doesn’t take away that for me, the 530 does some very perculiar things

Fully ladened Su25- maybe a t. It wasn’t manoeuvring hardly at all. And I came straight at him from the rear (giggidy again).

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Was he using chaff and flares? Because those plus the rear-aspect infrared jammer sound like the cause of your miss. Also if he’s not maneuvering, why not honor him with guns?

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Place flight path vector on bandit. Place throttle to max.



For two very good reasons



The gun safety was on

But yeah, i do jump for joy on the rare occasion i get a kill with it.