DUMA Squadron IL-2


Another Monday night of IL2 action. Roster of 8 aces. Someone else proabably has more pics, but we took out a german occupied bridge, bombed their airfield, and then had to scramble to defend the airfield against German attack. Great times again.

the roster

Me and Chip heading out in Jugs

Very clean landing after defending the field.


Il-2 BoX Screens

Nice! Time zone doesn’t work in my favor, but I’ll try and get on next time!



I’m still sitting on replays from the last 2 weeks. I’ll try to free up some time this week and grab some pics. Last night was fun, we spent more time in the pre-game practice mission, but the following scramble was a nice unexpected change of pace.

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Pilot looks OK so all is well with the world.


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If anyone is on the fence about multiplayer, the crew here is the best I’ve been around.



How to join DUMA here:

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I’m enjoying all these Il-2 screen shots.
Is there a Mudspike Il-2 group that meets up? I’d like to get in a dedicated group vs just jump in unorganized.

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Il-2 BoX Screens

There was a regular Monday night IL-2 GB meeting on DUMA Discord, but I haven’t been able to make it the last few weeks due to family and work conflicts. Calling some of the regulars @Tankerwade @Gunnyhighway @Fridge @Brennus.

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We’re just getting started to be honest. Feel free to join us, we normally meet on Mondays @ ~8PM EST. And, don’t feel like you need a certain level of experience to jump in, while we may take the mission at hand seriously, it’s by no means a serious event. If you want to be serious, that’s fine too, but seriously, it’s pretty casual. I’m serious…



Official Mudspike tm IL2 Monday Night RAW is always a good time.

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@Gunnyhighway - it’s not an official Mudspike event, not sure why you keep trolling that? Anyway, let’s take it to PMs.



…you know, from wrestling…?

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Is it maybe officially unofficial?
Or maybe unofficially official? Just definitely not officially official.



Post a Discord invite? :slight_smile:



Yeah. We’ve been having some nice flights on Mondays. It’s a good excuse for me to fly IL-2 :slight_smile:



What do you guys fly mainly? Cap or cas/ground attack



It’s been a grab bag. Escort bombers, cap, scramble.

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Both? It varies - which makes it hard to practice beforehand, sure, but it’s not a 100%serious flight (maybe 80%). We also seems to switch ariframes which makes it harder for me as my flight time in IL-2 is measured in minutes instead of hours :slight_smile:

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