Elite: Dangerous - updates!


So are there rwo exansions stll coming or is this The Big One?


That is the big one.

I’m confused about 3.4.


IIRC, there is no 3.4.

The numbering is weird, but it’s 3.0 for Part 1, 3.1 for Part 2, onward to 3.3 for Part 4.

Thus far, I’ve heard nothing about what to expect after 3.3/Beyond is wrapped up. My own guess is that Frontier will use the end of Q4 to announce their next paid expansion for sometime in 2019.


Looking very interesting


Haven’t had the time yet… I officially started today the new job. :slight_smile:


All the Beyond chapter four details via https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/451045-Beyond-Chapter-Four-Beta-Announcement

Hello Commanders,

With much anticipation, we’re pleased to announce that the beta for Chapter Four will be available to all PC Elite Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons players on Tuesday 30 October!

In order to focus the public testing on specific aspects of Chapter Four, we will be unlocking different content over a number of different weeks. You can find out the schedule that content will be added to the beta here:

We are expecting beta milestones to go live on the Tuesday of each week . However, we will update you in the News and Announcement forums as each update is made available.

As always we welcome your feedback on our dedicated beta and bug report forums. These reports, and the data provided, by these beta tests are incredibly valuable and useful in the development of Elite Dangerous. You can find a breakdown of Chapter Four’s features below:


The Analysis Mode with the improved Exploration Discovery Scanner and Detailed Discovery Scanner, is a game-changing, brand new way for all Commanders to explore the Milky Way galaxy. After the initial scan of the system, you will then be able to tune your scanners to find stellar bodies and other phenomena. Unidentified Signal Sources and conflict zones will also appear as dotted lines within this mode, allowing you to easily track down interesting or important things within the system. Not only is this new system a more realistic, satisfying and engaging exploration experience, but now you will be able to make more informed decisions on where to look next, and you will be more rewarded for your time spent exploring. Commanders will now have probes at their disposal to map the planetary surfaces, and planetary rings, in detail, to locate points of interest and leave your mark on the galaxy in a different way.

All of the above, in addition to the new in-game codex where Commanders will see a new way of recording their findings in both a collaborative and individual way, are just a few things coming with the changes to exploration. We’re barely scratching the surface here with the changes to exploration, so make sure to tune in to the livestream on 18 October, to find out more.


Asteroid belts and planetary rings are about to get very busy. New tools and mechanics will provide a fresh, exciting and lucrative mining experience for all Elite Dangerous Commanders. Using new exploration mechanics, miners can investigate rings to locate the best spots to start their mining sessions, and then the best specific asteroids to probe and excavate for rewards. With the right amount of skill and expertise, the new Abrasion blaster, Sub-surface displacement missile, and Seismic charge launcher, will provide some exciting and explosive results.

Want to go deeper with these features and learn more about mining? Tune in to the livestream on 1 November, to find out more.


Squadrons is a new in-game way of uniting like-minded Commanders to support factions of their choice, take part in Community Goals together and compete for top spots in seasonal leader boards. New communication tools, including in-game chat channels, will help you blaze trails together, and leave your Squadron’s mark on the galaxy.

Learn more about Squadrons in our livestream on 30 October.

…and more!

There’s a number of other huge changes coming to Elite Dangerous, including visual improvements, background simulation updates, and (yet to be revealed) cockpit interface changes, and other features that we can’t wait to tell you about.

Prior to the introduction of the content on the beta, we’ll be hosting a number of deep-dive livestreams with developer guests, where we showcase the content and you have the chance to voice your questions and comments.

The Chapter Four content reveal livestreams will be on the following dates:

  • Exploration, Codex and Visual Improvements – 18 October (19:00 BST)
  • BGS and Scenario Interactions – 25 October (19:00 BST)
  • Squadrons – 30 October (19:00 GMT)
  • Mining – 01 November (19:00 GMT)
  • The Ships – 8 November (19:00 GMT)

If you’re not able to catch the streams, don’t worry! We will be posting a recap of the all the content unveiled shortly after each livestream.

We can’t wait to see what you think!

Looks great so far.


I have to agree. We all knew this was marathon not a 100mt dash but even I’m surprised at the proposed new and improved mechanics for scanning and mining.
Can’t wait to actually see them working.


Yep, I eagerly await this update.


Ugh, now I need to jump my combat- loaded Krait back to the bubble from Thargoidia. This might take a while.

Speaking of which, where’s the Gnosis these days? I have a bunch of modules on her that I should probably transfer too…


I’m still on it, or rather it is where I last parked a month or so ago. I hope it hasn’t wandered off really far when I come back to check out Chapter 4 stuff…


Looks like it’s out in the Formidyne Rift. The flight plan can be found here:


Craaaaaaaaaaaaaap. I don’t even want to imagine what it’s going to cost to get all my high-level engineered modules back to the bubble…


Oh wow. That explains why my Uber quote just went to so high! I’m going to take a look, as I’m on this puppy.


You ready for some stuff from the first Live-Stream?

DISCLAIMER: All the video links down here are timestamped so they’ll bring you directly to the point…

Ok, so–

New Lighting: examples (not final balance):

Consider that it has been confirmed by the producer Adam Woods that now- with the new lighting effects, if/when the canopy is breached we will realize the work the canopy actually does to make sunlight more bearable! Cool!

New lighting effects in Ice Asteroid field! Nice!

A new Ship Control menu!

With the new lighting the dark side of the planets will be really dark! What do we need?
Night vision mode!

Some Live gameplay… Nice again! :smiley: (look at the menus!)

Mission (transaction) Menu… More filtering!

more menus from the left side got streamlined and more info are available with a single click.
Steps forward in usability.
Ah yeah, also… Squadrons:

Pilot Main panel got streamlined and simplified while retaining all the info!


The new Ship panel:

Pilot Preferences:

and Statistics…

This new layout allows for more space and a better viewability.

Inventory got a good old streamlining too…

Now this is brilliant, a proper Power overview of the System!

Hehehe cheeky monkeys… an Mp3 player!

:stuck_out_tongue: But it’s actually about Logs found in game, Galnet Articles and more…


And since this is big- a separate post! :smiley:

How new exploration works!

Probing the system for surface data!

Who needed an Orrery?




And the Codex:




Most everything I saw looked good.

Having infinite probes, instead of synthesis (even for large quantities) is unfortunate, IMO.


Gameplay uber alles.
To be fair, I was initially dubious but where do you draw the line?

Some on the official FD forums asked for a limit albeit a high one. 10 thousand probes…
And i was like… LULWAT? Utterly tit.