Elite: Dangerous - updates!


Neon Lights ftw!


Meanwhile, the greatest movie of the early 2000’s is playing on TV here. There needs to be an Elite Dangerous remake:

“It’s not how your stand by your ship; it’s how you race your ship.”
“I live my life a quarter light year at a time. For that ten seconds, or less, I’m free.”


Ok, it’s hard to type this on the phone (arms shaking, knees weak, moms spaghetti etc . etc. ) and also hard to keep my inner hype to Very Low levels… but at GamesCon in Germany there was the biggest reveal of the year for Elite Dangerous- release 2.2

breathing intensifies

Oh my Gods, what I’ve seen…

I’ll report tonight as soon as I have some time.
But if you have a spare minute- look for Frontier Design Youtube Channel…


Well, Drew Wagar has written another novel, so my guess is:


Aliens are confirmed but the funny thing is Thargoids weren’t… so, uhm. Makes you think…


We already have aliens game. :slight_smile:


Hah, you’ve got to be more specific!

I’ve seen a few of the videos they posted, I think the coolest thing I’ve seen so far is the ship launched fighters.


Get this…


2.2 Guardians Update incoming in October.
Bullettin points format:

  • Ship launched fighters (including an awesome looking start sequence from the fighters bay)
  • NPC crew!!!
  • additional geologic features on planet surfaces
  • overhauled looks for neutron stars including awesome sounding new high jump mechanics (risk vs reward!) for explorers
  • Passenger (bulk and VIP) missions!
  • The beautiful Beluga Liner
  • Tourism spots around the galaxy!
  • CQC environments in the main game
  • Capital ship yards
  • Module storage
  • Ship transfer (this is big!)
  • New paintjobs for fighers, ships and SRVs
  • New customization kits for additional ships
  • Security state of the targeted system being visible on the HUD
  • Route filters for all kinds of system properties (security level, star class, economy type etc.)
  • Planet models being visible in the system view!
  • “Shady” contacts offering to clear your fines or buy your bounty vouchers - for a price!
  • Beautiful, additional station interiors (tourist, refinery, high-tech and agriculture all look awesome!)
  • The new independent “Taipan” fighter (very cool design, IMHO)
  • Overhauled port services UI


Some more info in pretty posts.



Oh… Oh my. Time to pull the Vulture out of mothballs and get her fully A rated.


I want a beluga but it probably costs 500x more than I have


Orcas are already a bit on the pricy side at 48 million, so I imagine you’re right.


They should introduce loans as a way to open up the mid/end-game stuff. It would be a nice way to pay back (with interest) when getting a ship for a career, e.g. a passenger business with a HP Beluga :slight_smile:





…what system is that? I was just hanging out in the one that was supposed to have been referred to in the Gamescon message, but got bored of waiting and am in my way out to Jacques now… Should I turn around?



Expected better graphical effort from them really… No furrows or crater? Like how long has that thing been there that it’s just poking out of nearly flat ground?