F18 rudder controls

I have the Thrustmaster rudder peddles. I have the programmed and working with the DCS F18C in VR. When using the peddles on the runway, they steer the plane as they should. When looking at the peddles while in the cockpit in VR, the peddles move opposite of what they are actually doing. I push the right peddle up to turn the F18 to the left, it turns to the F18 to the left but, the right peddle in the cockpit goes down and the left peddle goes up…totally opposite of what the physical throttle peddles are doing. The F18 is turning as it should but the peddles in the cockpit are moving opposite from what they should.

How would I correct this?


You found a bug. This is a bug in the program. Nothing u can do. Dont look down. They will probably fix it soon.


Thanks Maico!

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maybe i am missing something because you are talking about rudders and throttles in the ‘same sentence’, but in aircrafts when you push right rudder pedal aircraft should turn to the right

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I’ve noticed that when I hook up new controllers, and then go to set up the controllers, any controller with an axis gets settings for a lot if stuff. Rudder axis controlling pits or throttle, same with all the various throttle unit axis , sliders etc.

I have noticed adding thrust hand having it turn a rudder, etc.

Might want to go in to the controls and check tat everything is “clean”.


This. Think I’d rather they just left them blank on new controller detection.


Yup that makes two of us.

On the plus side, if you have a single controller, it automatically maps the axis correctly.

Using the “Clear Category” button helps a lot in this case and in setting buttons.

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Which probably is a big help for newcomers.

And that’s what really makes all this a minor issue.
Unless I just jump in the Viggen after I have rearranged some controllers and forgot to update the controller mapping…! That can be frustrating. :wink:

I am so happy I learned to save my controller settings… :grin:

We’re talking about the files found here:

X:\Users\dude\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Config\Input\A-10C II\joystick.…
CH Fighterstick USB {07712F00-……}.diff

I’ve been dumping them into an archive file periodically. Just haven’t, fortunately, had need to call upon them.

Yes. Those are the files.

A recommendation:
It takes a bit of work (and we all know that “work” is a “four letter word” around these forums :slightly_smiling_face:) it might be worth your while to take the time to set and save configurations for all your aircraft and any/all controllers you uses with those planes.

Recommend using a standard file management protocol - name each with the plane and controller name.

Sounds like a lot but there are probably some controllers that you may never use with certain aircraft; some aircraft you only use with a specific controller set; that will pair it down.

You may never have to use them. (knock on wood) but it is always good to have a back up.

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NO. Sounds like brilliance came out of you sir. Well put. Considering I have years building aircraft profiles for some AC, thats the best advice you can give Mudspikers.

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Yup, been doing that for a while. Not a big deal since I do it infrequently (get new hardware for instance). The file names are a bit long but…I like a good short story :slight_smile: