Favourite Flight Sim Moments from 2019

My fav moments are fairly lowkey, as I haven’t done much Flightsimming in 2019.

They are getting to fly this lovely DCS bird in this liverie:

It struck a chord within me seeing Tamiya’s 1/32 version in a friends Tamiya catalouge and I bought my first Tamiya catalouge because of pictures of that bird. I have always wanted it, but no room for the finished result and lack of skills to do it justice have stayed my hand. Getting it in DCS have fulfilled that dream and even better! I Get To Fly It!

And getting to fly this other lovely bird in the Dannebrog 800 Years Liverie:

What have mostly been holding me back, is that I still haven’t made my DIY throttle and collective. I fully intend to complete these projects in 2020. There are still a few components that I need to obtain and a 3D Printer I need to modify for ABS/ASA printing, but it will happen.

Happy Simming


Now that looks really sharp! Back issues can be a real B@$&; - love the setup!

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Great story. Great chair. In 2020 I’m going to take a page out of your book and make a deliberate effort to buy/get/make an ergonomic “sim station”. :grin:


I’ve been looking for a chair replacement for ages and I think this one may fit the bill nicely. I would also use it for work during the day. Would you say it is suitable for long sessions and computer productivity? Also, does it recline back comfortably for an impromptu Viperesque setup (If your back allows that)?

Thanks for the writeup!

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Thanks for the reply!

This chain sent me down hours and hours of research looking at noblechair reviews, forum posts, youtube videos etc.

I like everything I am finding. I did end up ordering the Icon series instead of the Hero, and in leather as well. It doesn’t have the lumbar adjustment, but it has been reviewed very well and is a bit smaller. Also it is allegedly a bit softer, although still far on the firm side.

It comes tomorrow! I’m super excited and wanted to thank you for turning me onto this company.


I’d like to, but am not sure how yet. I’m wondering if there is a way to get a swivel mount with enough play to swing the stick center or side without looking like a cyborg arm. Also I’m thinking of getting an extension for the stick and am not sure how that might effect the chair mount.

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So I’m looking at these gaming chair posts…and I’ve got my sim PC back and running (you should have seen how much dust there was from the repairs…and I’m still finding pieces of insulation from the attic)…and I tested out the VR and something hit me…an idea, not the floor like last time.

  • The VR headsets give you very restricted peripheral vision.
  • My current seat is a flight deck seat from a COMAIR aircraft (its got an FAA number).
  • The harness is nice as it make one feel strapped-in to a real aircraft but it doesn’t move.
  • This is OK for my XP 727 but not for my DCS fighters.
  • When I turn to the side to look over my wings, I can’t turn my neck enough to see even the front of the wing…and after my “Incident” I don’t want to push it too hard.

So what I am thinking is that a gear chair may be better since I will be able to swivel it to the sides…or even backwards…hmmmm :thinking:


Just don’t try to use the rudder pedals when you swivel!


Loosen the harness so you can twist in your seat. It’s a healthy core workout.


So the box just showed up at my door and it is so heavy. What the heck did I order, an office/gaming chair or a tank?


Ok, a quick rundown for those who are curious. I know it’s the wrong thread, but for continuity sake…

Nobelchairs are made in Germany and holy heck does it show. Every piece of this thing just oozes quality and durability. Even the underside of the seat is stylish.

The chair went together with some perfectly engineered snaps and screws. High quality hardware.

If the Icon is softer than the Hero, I can’t imagine how hard that one must be. This one is on the very firm side. it’s supposed to ease up a bit with use… we will see. Even so, as B12 said, firm is better for you, and it is perfectly comfortable as is. Easily see sitting for long hours here without my tushy getting sore.

One area I was a little concerned about was lack of adjustable lumbar support. The Hero has that, the Icon does not. I’m happy to report that the curved shape of the chair is providing me tons of lower back support. In fact, any more would probably be too much. It comes with a lumbar pillow just in case, but I’ll probably never use it.

My mother always used to say, “we aren’t so rich that we can afford to buy cheap things”. True words those. The chair might be $600, but I can easily see it lasting 20+ years, unlike the $300 Costco laziboy that has started to lean and fall apart after four years, forcing me to dip back into the well.

This thing is a tank and I could easily see it serving as a stable base for Hotas mounts. Now to start figuring out those…


Technically I found it today so a 2020 moment…

…I need to find my old Win98 machine and boot up this bad boy…or maybe not. :open_mouth:

…perhaps turn them into coasters?


Heh, I’m on a five year cycle more or less.