Finally bought a kayak trailer

Honestly, it’s always 50/50. Schroedinger’s nuts, you never know if the wrench will fit until you try it.

Wrenches are annoying that way.

Yeah, but you feel like an ace when you tell your colleague, “nah that looks like a 5/16, here use this one cause the angle is ■■■■” and it instantly fits.

You lost me at “Wrench” :wink:

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It’s one of those things those guys use to hammer nails in…or was it to buck rivets…I can’t remember…

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You are thinking of percussive maintenance, and a little inertial application never fails to at least brighten ones day if the object in question is pervasive in evading the mechanics intentions :wink:

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Be careful though, I once read about it and IIRC it is illegal in some US states, even if it has the “replica” label on it.

Yeah…I’m sure parking at the airport would be fun with that…LOL…

The main issue is the exhaust on the Cooper S is center mounted where you’d expect a hitch. I believe there are workarounds… Yes, definitely are, as shown in the following:

The other concerns are that my current one is now is a bit lower on ride height and a different aero kit than the base models. I’m not saying that it’s not doable but it’s probably something I’ll wait to do until I get something a little more capable in the towing department.


Very sharp Boomerang! And let’s be honest, we didn’t buy a Mini for it’s towing ability. It’s just a lot of fun to drive. I’m assuming you went with a manual transmission?

You need a cool teardrop camper to pull behind that thing…!

Only way to go! Every car I’ve had has been a manual.

Definitely didn’t get it for the towing and this one has half the seats :wink:

@BeachAV8R I actually really like the idea of teardrops but the prices I’ve seen have been off-putting. I mean you can get a medium sized RV for around the same price as the ones I’ve seen.

Mini actually did an April fool’s day joke a while back in which they produced a bunch of marketing material for a roof mounted camper. I loved the idea! It’s too bad it was a joke, but I’m sure the roof wasn’t designed to support a couple people up top.