First DCS gentle mudspike



I was asking about the lock range. I assumed the launch range would change depending on the situation but I found it quite hard to work out how far the radar should pick things up and how long after visually seeing them I could actually get a lock. It seemed to vary more dramatically than merely the size of the aircraft being spotted would suggest. Maybe I need to look more into the systems as this is obviously more complicated than I give it credit for


Easier than you think. Launch, Tank, do Mission, Tank, RTB

In the real world, its all about “gas in the air”.

Yeah, what’s up with only one bomber per track?

Your “landing”…yeah…in the USN that would have been a Ramp Strike (US carriers have a “ramp” at the end of the flight deck)…at least you didn’t try to push the carrier with the nose of the jet…that seldom works. :sunglasses:

I might disagree with that…I’ve gotten many Viggen kills without too much trouble and…oh…you did caveat that as “not a friendly”…never mind.:yum:


I really don’t know what happened there. I set them up as single ship with 2 different tracks and I can only guess I accidentally deleted one of them. No idea. Operator error is the most likely factor.

Believe it or not I’ve actually got it down on the carrier 4 times out of 16 attempts. 1 was sketchy but it was survivable. and I have screenshots of the decent ones but for the AAR to be worth writing I figured the truth was better and I Did splatter on that particular attempt lol. Hard.

The refuelling is something else entirely. I have managed to transfer a minimal amount so far. And I keep getting breakaway breakaway shouted at me so I assume the dude sat in the rear of the midas is very shell shocked and wide eyed. Bless him.


Humble and brutally honest. This guy has all the makings of a fine fighter pilot.

Re. Radar: Remember that it’s a beam scanning the volume. Beam goes left-right-down a bit-left-right-down a bit-left-right-down a bit-left-right-up and so on. So even if you can see the target with your mk1 eyeballs, the radar might take some time catching it. That’s when boresight modes and helmet mounted sights start rocking.

Try flying at about two-thirds fuel. That should not have the bird too heavy at landing, and make for more fun throwing it around the sky.


I’m fairly sure that’s where my problems were on the landing as well. I was max weight on t/O with full fuel and every hard point loaded. I was if anything far to high in the pattern but on the break onto final just found myself at a savage aoa and dropping like a stone. Speed seemed to increase readily but decent was hard to slow down. I I didn’t have to make to many courser corrections but I was up and down with the throttle having to make larger and larger inputs. Hindsight I should of waved off but by the time I realised it wasn’t happening I was picking my teeth out the carrier deck plating


For the big planes, I recommend just a single element per group. It has pretty much always been like that in DCS. Make the first one, give it the skin, loadout and flight path. Then clone it with Cntrl-C, Cntrl-V as many times as you want. Add some separation at the initial waypoint for spacing.

That was a fun aar read. And spend some more time with the A-10C, it is my fav.