Flight Sim Dilemma

Love it! That thing does carry a ton of 82s doesn’t it. Hmmm, maybe against an infantry army. Would have to be static objects to keep frames, and it’s a shame about poor splash damage, but, I could trigger as many explosions as I wanted as secondaries. Mission would just be pure body count which you’d get points for.

Keep em coming!

I would think that striking a static target or interdiction might be more apropos. 18 Mk82s would be great against a ramp of aircraft all nice and lined up. Using Snakes or AIRs would allow for a lower drop to make things more fun too.

Forgot to mention campaign also includes Nazi zombies. How would you take out a giant army of Nazi zombies about to cross the channel and invade England if you could have any of the airframes of the above and the armaments that came with them? The Brits of 1945 could help too.

Sorry if I’m hurting anybody’s realism sensibilities. It’s all in good fun!

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Zuni rockets are fun. How about a big salvo of rockets to a thing that blows up in one of those chain reactions you do so well.

Mig-28 vs F-14 is fun both ways. Tell it like you’re fighting yourself from the past or something.

I’ll edit this post as I think up more.

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The key to a chain reaction explosions in the mission editor is that each explosion be triggered from the previous as a separate action. Time since flag doesn’t work as that is in 1 second intervals. Blowing up all at once in the same action won’t work, even if you have them listed in order under actions. It’s just too fast.

The brief compute which occurs when iterating up a flag is just perfect though. Gives you the domino effect which you can end in a nuke sized boom. Like so.

edit: thanks for the ideas. Definitely going F-5 vs Tomcat. Use the invincibility powerups judiciously and take on ~20.

First though, I gotta see how many (if any) clusters Tomcat can carry. I’m really digging the idea of taking out an entire army. Perhaps with judicious use of explosion chains like above. All about scoring points.

I’ll be able to work both of those into plotline. Open for more. I’m thinking 3 or 4 more, polish and then release to whoever is interested.

edit edit: hoo boy A-10C can carry 23 MK-82s (I know they never would… not the point). In the spirit of this thread, I’m going to gain a new skill! Rippling all of them. I wonder what that will do to the flight model…

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Scripting to the rescue!

trigger.action.explosion({posx,posy,posz} ,25)

If I can do it with the ME, generally I’ll go there instead of a script to help prevent future breakage. Of course some things are just not possible without.

The point of the screen was to show a chain reaction explosion. Each time the flag increases by 1, which triggers the next thing in line, and so on. The effect is like fast dominoes.

I’d be curious how you would time that in script. Could it be done?

Edit: looks like yes. Here’s a snippet yanked from reddit:

local delay = 5 -- seconds until secondary explosion
killEventHandler = {}

function killEventHandler:onEvent(event)
  if event.id == world.event.S_EVENT_DEAD then
		if event.initiator ~= nil and event.target ~= nil then
			local pos = event.target:getPoint()
			timer.scheduleFunction(boom, {["pos"] = pos}, timer.getTime() + delay)

function boom(params, time)
	local pos = params["pos"]
	trigger.action.explosion(pos, 100)
	return nil -- don't repeat


I’m assuming LUA can handle fraction of seconds. Name your objects right and use a loop to iterate through them and voila. Cool, maybe I’ll play around with that. I wish the damn SDK was documented better though, and I do worry about breakage.


If I’m making 20 AA kills in one run, there better be a hoop I can fly through for a refill!

Or how about a hoop that kills the thing on your trail as you drag em through it.

Harrier for me. Tankering is a fun challenge with it. Landing on the boat is magic. It’s blows stuff up real good. Mind you not as real good as the A-10 or F-18, but good enough for the badguys to notice. Next choice would be Mi8.


First though, I gotta see how many (if any) clusters Tomcat can carry.

10 Rockeyes.

Here’s a good reference (from the horse’s mouth).

Yes to does…and when you don’t. :open_mouth: Think I assigned it to a couple of adjacent buttons…can’t remember if it has an axis.

It’s been done already…:wink:

So the time between when the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941) and when this film was released (1980) is 39 years. The time between when this film was released (1980) and now (2019) is 39 years…:astonished: :exploding_head:

…I suddenly feel very old…


I remember The Final Countdown. If DCS had the Zeke, the scenario would be a no-brainer!

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Or a t6…

Surely a yak 52 is a fair match as well lol

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Nice! Or how about a hoop that converts one plane to another. A Flanker flies in and a 109 comes out. Totally doable for ai…

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Carrier ops in either Tomcat or Hornet, if I had to choose. Harrier not far behind. It’s hugely satisfying to cat - fly mission - tank - RTB in one piece - trap. More so at night.

The mission ain’t over until you’re back on the boat.

If I had to choose just one module, it would be the Mirage. That one and the Mi-8 (back when I was active in a virtual helicopter squadron) before it are the only ones I really properly learned. I did also fly the A-4 quite a bit (before the Christmas flight), and do know how to drop bombs, Shrikes, rockets, and lead, but I don’t know the ins and outs of all of its systems.

Every time I see the Su-27, -33 or MiG-29 I feel a pang of regret… I was pretty good at FC3 systems with my keyboard, but haven’t mapped out a complete enough set of bindings to really fully enjoy them in VR. Maybe someday.

But first I’ve got a Mirage to re-learn when I arrive in Casco Cove.

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