Grumpy Old Sod


Have you actually asked him for the money? He might just cough up?


Truth to be said I’m quite positive (oh gods I shouldn’t have said that!) he’ll comply. As you said he has no ground to stand on as we have all the paper with the rent termination signed and all.

It always pays to be on the right side of paperwork…


Well, just had yet another empty skip delivered next door, so I guess it’ll be another non-stop noise week from tomorrow.

The first driver who delivered the first ( of 3 or 4 - not sure now) skips, said the drive that we share isn’t up to carrying the weight of a full skip and the heavier truck required to lift it. Neighbours don’t give a hoot, though. They know we can’t afford to sue them and they are very selfish types, so.

The driver also went straight off the side of the drive - it’s nearly a foot of drop - onto the edge of our flower bed, missing a newly place plant by less than an inch - leaving a lovely big tyre print across the patch and over our front lawn - just kept on driving away without so much as an “oops!”.

God, I hate this place.


I know where you are coming from regarding selfish idiots

van parked on the pavement outside my house… So close you had to go over the side bushes to get out


Ah - we have that quite often, too. Last time ended up with my hands round the driver’s throat (he came at me - I was just defending myself). That was after Mrs Brix had given him a piece of her mind.
He should count himself lucky - when it’s the local teenagers upsetting her, she goes out armed with rolling pin!

The noise hasn’t been that bad thus far, just throwing stuff into the skip - but tomorrow will likely be worse, as he offloaded a cement mixer this evening. Where there is left to put any in his back garden is a mystery.


with 3-4 skips arriving … what the hell are they building (or demolishing ) sounds like the garden equivalent of the great wall of china :grin:


Not all at once! Loadsa banging today, but I just put on my Rift, jumped in my Asp and left the real world behind.


Guys, I posted this before I started actively participating in the forum, just in case I got a bit carried away. It’s difficult to switch ‘modes’ from when you’re constantly on the lookout for where the next swipe or aural bombardment is coming from and then being relaxed at a PC.

Some of my posts may have been a bit snappy at perceived ill intent of other’s comments - that’s definitely been the case on the ED forum - so I’m taking a break from forums and online play for a few months.

Hopefully feel a bit better when summer comes around and I can get out of this virtual prison and hopefully do some biking and so-on (and lose a bit of weight!) and feel under a bit less pressure.

Seeya later - have a happy 2.5


Good luck with the future mate … Hope to see you back when you are ready


Hey bud, you know where to find us! :slight_smile: