Hello and What About That F-14B Tomcat


I beg to differ. TM Warthog .





My answer is that it depends on how powerful your system is and what your current stick and rudder is.


Essentially the TM Warthog is more than a simple HOTAS.
Precision and smoothness above anything else.
Solid response from the many switches and while- yeah, i admit it- it’s not perfect you can really rely on it in so many games.

Worth it.

That said, if you have poor rudders with the same cash you can get the MFG Crosswind.


If your pc contains a 1070 or more, nothing beats the immersion, the being-there of a rift. Its transformative in a way that even transcends a high quality HOTAS.


Schurem is right.
Point is, personally having tried the Oculus, I still feel it’s not quite there yet, technology wise.

In two years? Heck yeah. But now? Warthog.


While waiting for the release, check this out:




If you have a decent HOTAS that you are happy with, definitely the Rift. It will change your simming experience completely.

I would give up my Warthog before my Rift if I had to make a choice between the two.


I guess the differentiating point is the WH today is the same as it was years ago and will be in the future. It’s finished, a known quantity.
The odds of a superior HOTAS coming out in the near future that would make you say “I wish I’d waited” are pretty slim. Yet you have something now that works for you.

The OR is an early gen device for VR. If the market doesn’t collapse, there is no doubt better things are coming. How soon? How much? Hard to say. Later devices WILL be superior but you could miss out on years of flying with VR if you wait.

So…there is no clear-cut answer.


wise words from the master. always in motion the future, hmmm?


I would give up just about anything in order to keep the Rift. In fact, if you took away VR I’d go downstairs and play Xbox Whatever until the headset was returned. I have an X-56 that I have owned for a year. It was cheap and is very precise. Better than the WH? No. Probably not. That’s not important to me anyway so long as it works. The headset is now the most important part of the experience for me.


I don’t understand the question…specifically the “or” part. Regardless the answer is Yes…both. :grin:


If I could purchase both, believe me I would. I think I’m gonna go with Oculus Rift however, as I can use Oculus in almost every game I have, and it’s almost $200 cheaper than the Warthog. Not only that but my flight stick works perfectly fine, and it can definitely get a few more years out of. Once I build a good cockpit for playing dcs in I will def. purchase the Warthog. Thank-you for your answers however. And how will I be able to run DCS in VR, here is my specs:

AMD Ryzen 5: 6-Core at 3.6mHz, can overclock to 4.5mHz or less if need be
16GB of DDR4 ram at 2133mhz
2TB 7200RPM Hard-Drive
750W PSU

Decent specs at least I believe, when I build my cockpit, I’m gonna overhaul my computer, opting for two 2080s, 64GB DDR4 Ram 3300mhz, 10TB HDD, 1TB SSD, 1,000W PSU, and an AMD Threadripper or an I7 700K


Correction I7 8700K 4.0mHz, 5.0mHz Turbo


Are there still 8700s out there? The 9700s came out last year and are easily found, although I don’t know the relative pricing.

Don’t skimp on the motherboard, either. While you don’t need to spend CPU-level money on one, the cheap ones are cheap for a reason. :slight_smile: I find ones just under $200 to be the best balance, as over $200 is just extraneous features and around $100 or less it’s just asking for instability or low performance.


Sounds like a good plan after all! :smiley:


Just added everything up, new computer and parts come out to roughly, $4,207.78 It’s gonna be an expensive boy but it’ll run DCS on ultra, at probably 300FPS even with a heavy mission loaded, here’s the list.



Nope. Ever heard of diminishing returns?


What do you mean?